GM Kaha L525 Cricket Bat for 2017

Posted by jason mellet on 3rd Nov 2016

GM Kaha L525 Cricket Bat for 2017

GM cricket this year has L-Sweet technology through their entire range of cricket bats. This means that different cricket bats are becoming more and more optimized to the style of the batsman. Some of the bats have a traditional length blade and bat face and therefore a traditional length handle. Other blades have a shorter bat face like the Kaha that has an L525 and hence a shorter blade more aggressive bat. The sizes stay the same but the lengths of the handles and blades differ. The GM Kaha Cricket Bat has a very short blade and is built with a power T20 hitter in mind. The handle of the blade on the GM Kaha is therefore longer coming in at 325mm.

Options on the GM Kaha

Like all GM cricket bats there are various willow grade availabilities for the GM Kaha. Those possibilities are:



KAHA™ DXM® 606


The Kaha DXM Original LE and Kaha DXM Original are made with premium Limited Edition and G1 English Willow respectively.

GM Kaha Cricket Bat

GM Now!

GM is renowned for putting in effort to not only the manufacturing of their cricket bats but also to the durability of their bats. This means that their bats like the GM Kaha are fitted with GM Now! GM Now, means that the bat has ToeTek guard fitted has had a slight knock in and been coated with raw linseed oil before being covered on the face and the edges. It is a process which reduces moisture getting into the bat and the dreaded toe swelling.

GM Kaha Cricket Bat

GM Kaha Dynamic Grip

The grip on the GM Kaha cricket bat is the highly popular and very well thought out GM Dynamic Grip. The dynamic grip offers a different feel from the top hand of the bat to the bottom hand of the bat. The top hand generally guides the bat and therefore GM has provided to that necessity on the top end of the grip, whereas the bottom hand does most of the power generation and GM has catered to that too. It is therefore a truly dynamic cricket bat grip.

GM Kaha cricket Bat

The GM Kaha Numbers

On a very small power hitting blade, the GM Kaha has the lowest sweet spot of all the GM cricket bats that are out there for 2016. In terms of the numbers that a lot of cricketers look at when buying a cricket bat. The edges of the GM Kaha cricket bat are a very generous 37mm. The swell depth is also a very nice 67mm. This means that there is huge amounts of power all over this bat especially with such a low sweet spot.

GM Kaha cricket Bat

The Weight

The weight of the GM Kaha ranges from 2lbs9 to 3lbs even. The bat makers at GM always give a sound piece of advice and that is you have to consider what the bat feels like in the pick up not in what it is listed at. As a power hitters bat, the GM Kaha is superbly well weighted and will make any power hitter happy. It is like a well thought out, well balanced and highly durable Mongoose cricket bat but will all the skills, expertise, technology and durability of GM.

GM Kaha Cricket Bat

GM Kaha Cricket Bat

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