GM Ben Stokes Original Player Cricket Bat 2024 - Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 1st Mar 2024

GM Ben Stokes Original Player Cricket Bat 2024 -  Profile Review

GM Ben Stokes Original Player Cricket Bat 2024

In this video, Amar Shah from Cricket Store Online presents an exclusive unboxing and review of the latest GM Ben Stokes Original Player cricket bat for the year 2024. This exceptional bat, wielded by the formidable England power hitter Ben Stokes, boasts the latest GM diamond stickering, elevating its aesthetics while maintaining the performance standards set by its predecessor, the 2023 GM Ben Stokes original.

Profile and Willow

The GM Ben Stokes Original Player is a testament to traditional craftsmanship, featuring an impeccable front and back face crafted from the highest quality premium English willow. With a Grade 1+ English willow composition and an abundance of grains (approximately 9-11), this bat ensures both durability and outstanding performance.

Weight and Edge Thickness

Weighing around 1200g, the bat surprises with a lighter feel during the pickup, thanks to its well-crafted profile. The substantial edge thickness of approximately 39mm and a significant spine depth of 65mm contribute to the bat's prowess. The thick handle not only complements the overall balance but also enhances the pickup experience.


Amar conducts a ping test with a brand new pink ball, and the bat delivers an exceptional ping, a hallmark of premium original player bats. The resonating sound on impact is a testament to the bat's superior quality and performance. Amar expresses his admiration for the remarkable ping, affirming the bat's place in the upper echelons of cricket equipment.


In this comprehensive review, Amar meticulously compares two GM Ben Stokes Original Player bats. While they share identical profiles and top-tier quality, subtle differences in grain count and weight distinguish them. This attention to detail ensures that cricketers can find the bat that perfectly aligns with their preferences and playing style.


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