DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes - Review By CSO

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 9th Aug 2022

DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes - Review By CSO

In this video, Amar Shah reviews the entry-level cricket shoes from DSC, DSC Jaffa 22. These shoes have all the features of a regular cricket shoe with fantastic color combinations. Here is a quick review of Amar.

DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoes


- Budget-friendly

Extra heel extension

Comfortable and soft

Good traction

TPU shank

Breathable upper


Poor finishing

Loose threads on sides

Undried gum is left on sole

The sole is not perfectly cut


Amar talks about the cons of these shoes first, and finishing is the only disadvantage he could find. DSC Jaffa 22 might have some loose threads, or Gum left undried due to not so thorough inspection before shipping. Apart from this, these shoes have all the specifications that a regular cricket shoe should have. You can expect such corners to be cut due to the highly affordable price category that it falls in.

Overview of DSC Jaffa

DSC Jaffa 22 are budget-friendly shoes with extended heels, just like Adidas shoes. This heel extension might be advantageous for some players as it provides extra surface area and phenomenal heel support. It might also help avoid no balls due to extended heel length.

Color Combinations

These shoes are available in two different color combinations. One is white and orange, while the other comes in a stunning royal blue and white with matching laces. These shoes are comfortable and fit perfectly on the feet.

Sole and Upper

The sole contains a lot of rubber pimples in the front and additional rubber studs in the back, providing excellent traction. DSC jaffa 22 has a lightweight, breathable upper with multilayer cushioning, TPU shank, rubber sole, and heel counter made from top-graded molded plastic with 15mm foam. These shoes will run you for a season or two but have all the qualities of a regular shoe.


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For a detailed review by CSO, watch the video below!