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There are few memories of Graeme Smith as stirring as the time he came out to face Mitchell Johnson and co to try and save the Sydney Test Match. He almost did it. What made the feat quite remarkable is the fact that Smith was batting with a broken hand. He was wearing two pairs of gloves on the broken hand to try and protect it.

GM have come a long way when it comes to cricket gloves, players like Joe Root now enjoy the protection of cricket gloves that have the added benefit of PORON XD.

What is PORON XD?

PORON XD is the best repeated impact absorption material. Essentially your cricket glove is absorbing the velocity of the cricket ball, so that velocity is not transferred to your hand. A better absorption material means that you have a better chance of having your hands come out of the battle with the ball unscathed. PORON XD is the best absorption material out there and GM Original LE Batting Gloves come with PORON XD built in.

Where is the PORON XD in my Batting Gloves?

GM has incorporated PORON XD into the first two fingers of the bottom hand. Players, coaches and even simple followers of cricket know that the first two fingers of the bottom hand are the most vulnerable when facing up to the bowlers that really rattle the fingers. There is no better place to have this protection.

Pittard Leather

The GM Original LE Batting Gloves also come with Pittard Leather palms. Pittard Leather palms not only increases the durability of the cricket gloves but pittard leather palms give the batsman a better grip of the cricket bat. A better grip on the cricket bat, no doubt improves performance.

For all of the above reasons and much more, there is barely a better cricket glove on the market than the GM Original LE cricket gloves.

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