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Kookaburra Plastic Training Stumps

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You know that feeling when you come to the club or ground for practice and nobody knows where the stumps are. Or the stumps were made of willow and are all broken, or worse yet you are forced to use a garbage can as you cricket wickets. This could all be a bother of the past, if your club decides to invest in the Kookaburra Plastic Training Stumps. These easy-to-setup cricket wickets from Kookaburra are superb as they offer high durability. This means that as long as you don't lose them, they will last your cricket club a long time.

Kookaburra training stumps

The Kookaburra Plastic Training Stumps are super easy to setup. One of the fantastic features of these plastic training cricket wickets is the fact that they can be assembled and disassembled very quickly. These cricket stumps are also advantageous over other wooden pre-form cricket wickets because of how compact and easy to store they are once they have been taken apart. There is no need to have huge amounts of space or take up the whole trunk of your car to store these cricket wickets. These wickets come apart to the point where if you have a fairly decent sized cricket kit bag, these will fit in, base and all.

They are the official height and the plastic bails are included. It really does enhance cricket training sessions when you club invests money in having high quality cricket equipment and cricket gear at the club.

These cricket stumps are also superb for the easy to set-up casual game of cricket. Or even as official stumps for junior cricket. The color is nice and bright and these are a great buy for the upcoming season.

To view these stumps now click here.

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