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Real Turf Cricket Pitches in America

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Woodley Park

Woodley Park has been deemed by many to be the best cricket playing facility in America. It is also known as the Leo Magnus Cricket Complex, named after Jamaican cricketer Leo Magnus who coached many teams in the Southern California area. The most significant cricket match to have ever been hosted at Woodley Park was in 1999. India A took on Australia A. Players on show included VVS Laxman, Brett Lee, Andrew Symonds and Adam Gilchrist. The Woodley Park cricket complex is truly a cricket complex, boasting five fields that are kept very busy throoughout the cricket season.

Footage of India A vs Australia A at Woodley Park

Florida-Lauderhill International Cricket Ground

Lauderhill is the only cricket ground in the USA to be officially deemed as an International ground by the ICC. Sri Lanka played New Zealand in an ICC sanctioned T20 fixture at the Lauderhill cricket stadium. The stadium boasts some of the best cricket in America hosting many North American tournaments as well as trials. The pitch is complimented with a fair size stadium that can host many fans. The ground also benefits from it's close proximity to the Caribbean with talks underway to have Lauderhill host cricket matches in the 2016 Caribbean Premier League

Footage of Sri Lanka VS New Zealand at Lauderhill


One of the newest cricket facilities is Indianapolis World Sports Park. It boasts three cricket fields. The facility played host to the ICC America's Twenty 20 Division 1 Championship. It is a 5.1 million dollar multi-sport facility and was completed in 2014. It will also play host to the American Cricket combine where the best players will be selected to play in the Caribbean 50 over tournament.

Houston- Smart Choice Moosa Cricket Stadium

While International cricket has not yet taken place at Smart Choice Moosa Cricket Stadium, the main field is fit to host International cricket. It is also the home of American College Cricket. The stadium is named after Smart Choice CEO Sakhi Muhammad's father, Moosa. Adjacent to the field, there are three additional cricket pitches being prepared as well as a pavillion with dressing rooms and practice wickets. The Moosa Cricket Stadium is truly up there as one of the best in the USA.


Another fantastic turf cricket facility in the USA is in Gilbert, Arizona. Interestingly, the clay used to make the two turf wickets in Gilbert were trucked in from left overs from the making of the pitches in Woodley Park. It is one of the places in the world where world class cricket takes place mostly in the Winter, simply because the temperatures are way too hot to play cricket in the Summer. It is not solely for cricket use and is also used for American football and soccer which causes damage to the pitches. Notwithstanding, the cricket field in Gilbert, Arizona is another outstanding cricket facility.

New Jersey- Amwell Valley Cricket Club

Central New Jersey has a real grass cricket pitch too. The pitch and gorgeous cricket facility belongs to the Amwell Valley Cricket Club. The ground has superb watering and drainage facilities. This makes it an absolute pristine facility for cricket. Club volunteers maintain the pitch with pop-up nets also in use during the summer cricket season. The facility is only 5 years old and is sure to become another top destination for cricket in the USA.

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