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​Affinity Spectre Cricket Bat

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Available at Cricket Store Online is the Affinity Spectre cricket bat. This is a great feeling and great quality bat that absolutely gives you your money’s worth. This bat is in stock at Cricket Store Online along with other premium cricket equipment from these top brands: Gunn and Moore, Gray Nicolls, Slazenger Cricket, Kookaburra, and Adidas Cricket.

Let’s start off with what everyone cares about: NO, not edges...the sweet spot. The Affinity Spectre cricket bat has a low middle and minimal concaving, resulting in a large, wide, mid-low sweet spot. This makes the bat great for front foot play and English wickets or slow low wickets.

When cricket bats have a low middle, they tend to have poor balance and pickup, but with its Spectre cricket bat, Affinity has made sure that’s not the case. The Affinity Spectre cricket bat has great balance and actually picks up lighter than it is. The natural weight of the bat lays toward the handle and it has a lighter toe, so the balance of the Affinity Spectre bat is impeccable.

Im going to let you in on a little secret, aesthetics aren't supremely important. Affinity cricket bats are first and foremost picked on one thing, PERFORMANCE. Lets be honest, how the bat looks isn't important, but how far it hist the ball is. Even though it’s made from grade 1 English willow, the Affinity Spectre bat has some blemishes and its grains are not exactly impressive. However, this really doesn’t affect the performance of the bat. It’s still great quality, and the decals are very nice. The spectra is picked on Balance and also performance of the willow. Thats the important stuff.

The Affinity Spectre cricket bat is fitted with a black hybrid grip, to help with comfort and balance, as well as a nice oval handle. These both just add to the already great pickup of the Affinity Spectre cricket bat.

Each of the Affinity Spectre cricket bats is handcrafted, so you know you’re getting amazing quality. Order yours at Cricket Store Online (at www.CricketStoreOnline.com) along with premium cricket equipment from these top brands: Gunn and Moore, Gray Nicolls, Slazenger Cricket, Kookaburra, and Adidas Cricket.

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