SS GG Smacker Cricket Bat range 2023 - Complete Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 16th Jun 2023

SS GG Smacker Cricket Bat range 2023 - Complete Review

SS GG Smacker Cricket Bats 2023

SS GG Smacker Cricket Bat Range 2023 is a collection of bats designed to revolutionize your game on the cricket field. This range features a unique concept introduced by SS, with bats having a slimmer top and all the weight concentrated at their bottom. The SS GG Smacker bats are designed to enhance your hitting power and performance, making them the ideal choice for finishers. In this blog post, we will explore each bat's exceptional features and specifications in the SS GG Smacker Range, empowering you to make an informed decision about your ideal SS GG Smacker Cricket bat.

1- SS GG Smacker Blaster Cricket Bat 2023

Experience the perfect blend of style and performance with the SS GG Smacker Blaster Cricket Bat 2023. Crafted from Grade 4 English Willow, this bat not only boasts an elegant appearance but also offers outstanding hitting ability. Its thick edges enhance the bat's performance while maintaining a balanced feel. This bat caters to different playing preferences, available in two weight ranges, Medium (2.9 lbs - 2.12 lbs) and Light (2.6 lbs - 2.9 lbs).


The SS GG Smacker Blaster is designed to help players excel in various cricket shots. Its well-balanced profile enables the effortless execution of powerful drives, accurate cuts, and controlled pulls. With this bat, you can confidently tackle spinners, play lofted shots, and master delicate flicks. Whether you prefer a medium-weight bat for added power or a lighter option for improved maneuverability, the SS GG Smacker Blaster empowers you to take charge on the field and achieve exceptional results.

2- SS GG Smacker Signature Cricket Bat 2023

Unleash your power-hitting abilities with the SS GG Smacker Signature Cricket Bat 2023. Crafted from Grade 3 English Willow, this bat ensures durability and exceptional performance. Its aggressive design incorporates a captivating dark green and purple combination, reflecting the player's intent on the field. With options available in medium and lightweight ranges, this bat caters to players' preferences, striking the perfect balance between power and flexibility.


The SS GG Smacker Signature boasts a well-defined sweet spot strategically positioned for maximum impact and precision. This generous sweet spot allows for clean and powerful strokes, enabling batsmen to dominate the game with their hard-hitting prowess. The bat's high-quality construction ensures superior performance, making it a reliable choice for players looking to unleash their full potential on the field.

3- SS GG Smacker Player Cricket Bat 2023

SS GG Smacker Player Cricket Bat 2023 showcases a distinctive and stylish design, featuring a golden base model adorned with the iconic Smacker logo on the front. Its unique composition includes an offsetting knob, a counterbalance, and a slim handle, ensuring easy and fluid swinging. With the concentrated weight at the bottom, this bat offers exceptional balance and stability, making it the perfect choice for hard-hitting and short-format games like T20.


Crafted from Grade 2 English Willow, the SS GG Smacker Player bat stands out with its superior quality and performance. It boasts the finest willow among the bats in its range, guaranteeing optimal power and durability. The bat's extensive profile, exceptional pickup, and specially designed shoulders contribute to effortless swings and explosive shots. Designed to meet the exacting demands of professional players, this bat is a testament to SS's commitment to delivering unmatched quality and performance. The SS GG Smacker Player Cricket Bat 2023 has a full cover, providing protection and preserving its excellence.

4- SS GG Smacker Punch Cricket Bat 2023

The SS GG Smacker Punch Cricket Bat 2023, constructed using Grade 5 English Willow, offers remarkable performance and excellent affordability, making it a bat that provides great value for your money. Despite its affordability, the SS GG Smacker Punch bat does not compromise on quality or performance.


The bat features a big profile, light pickup, and impressive hitting power. Its expansive playing area ensures excellent shot-making capability, allowing players to unleash their skills confidently.


While the profile and design of the bat remain the same as other bats in this range, the differentiating factor lies in the willow quality. Although a Grade 5 English Willow bat, the SS GG Smacker Punch does not compromise on its performance. It still delivers impressive power, precision, and durability, making it a fantastic choice for players looking for high-quality performance within a budget.


The SS GG Smacker Cricket Bat Range 2023 is a testament to SS's commitment to innovation and excellence. Each bat in this range offers unique features and specifications, ensuring players of all levels and playing styles can find the perfect bat to suit their needs. Whether you are a power-hitter or a player looking for control and precision, the SS GG Smacker Range has a bat for you. Choose your weapon wisely and let the SS GG Smacker bats unleash your true potential on the cricket field.


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