Shrey Koroyd Titanium Helmet 2021 Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 2nd Apr 2021

Shrey Koroyd Titanium Helmet 2021 Review

Hi Readers, Welcome to another post on the Cricket Store Online Blog. In this article, we are going to share detailed information about Shrey Koroyd Helmet 2021. Throughout the blog, we will talk about the reasons to buy Shrey Koroyd Helmet, its features and specifications.

The Shrey Cricket Helmets is a ruling brand in the market and the most popular one among the best-in-class international cricket players as well. The brand has put lots of effort to enhance itself and hold a good position in the market. The helmet range of Shrey is famous among leading international players due to its unmatched safety and comfort.

Undoubtedly, Shrey is trying its best to offer new items and accomplish value-oriented development. After many years of manufacturing helmets, Shrey teamed up with Koroyd for developing an industry-best cricket helmet. Now batswomen and batsmen are safeguarded by Koroyd, with optimization for high-speed cricket ball effects.

With almost 10 years of innovation for action sports, the crumple zone technology of Koroyd is currently available in an exclusive field. The philosophy of Koroyd is combined with its objective and wishes to be the leader in offering protective solutions for eliminating all risks of severe damage and injury.

Henceforth, Koroyd is no more available in action sports only but also is harnessing other instances where energy consumption is required. Cricket is the latest execution where the brand has come up with a solution for protecting all batsmen from both direct and angled cricket ball effects.

With an amazing partnership, Shrey and Koroyd have come up with their best-in-class Shrey Koroyd Helmet range in 2021.

Shrey Koroyd Helmet 2021

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  1. Why Purchase Shrey Koroyd Helmet?

    Here are a few beneficial reasons to buy Shrey Koroyd Helmet 2021:

  2. 1. Advanced Cooling and Breathability

    Air continuously flows through the open cells and at the same time, hot air escapes easily from your head. It makes sure more effective cooling in the most energetic conditions.

  3. 2. The Absolute Damage Control System

    The welded tubes of Koroyd breakdown immediately and continuously on effect, consuming the optimal force in a controlled way, reducing energy conveyed to your head.

  4. 3. Ultra Light

    Shrey Koroyd Helmet is extremely lightweight, featuring the thinnest walled tubes in the world, which results in a structure that is 95% air. It lowers weight and improves comfort without reducing safety.

  5. 4. Protection from Direct and Angled Effects

    Shrey Koroyd helmet safeguards your brain and skull from direct and angled effects, lowering the risk of experiencing a life-taking injury.

  6. 5. Made from Enhanced Materials

    Shrey Koroyd helmets are made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) that is tough and rigid. Its density increases when affected which can result in energy being conveyed to the user.

  7. Features & Specifications

    • Offers more advanced impact shield
    • High-performance ultra-light cricket helmet
    • Features Dual Retention System that provides choices between conventional cushion pad and removable one-hand micro-adjustment fit system
    • Shock absorption side plates
    • Rapid wicking, anti-bacterial padding
    • Large vents incorporating large diameter Koroyd tubes and air intake zone for maximized airflow
    • Choose between top-grade stainless steel and titanium covers.
  8. Takeaway

    If you're looking for lightweight and rigid helmets, this helmet is perfect for you. We hope you have got all the information about this helmet. As you read features of this helmet, head to our online store to find the price of this helmet.