Latest GM Cricket Bats 2024 - Complete Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 1st Mar 2024

Latest GM Cricket Bats 2024 - Complete Profile Review

In this insightful video, Amar Shah from Cricket Store Online unfolds the latest GM cricket bats of the 2024 edition, adorned with captivating diamond stickering that adds a touch of elegance to their aesthetic appeal. Let's delve into the key highlights of Amar's comprehensive review.

GM Diamond 404 Cricket Bat 2024

The GM Diamond 404 cricket bat for 2024 maintains a full profile without any concaving, reminiscent of its 2023 counterpart. Distinguished primarily by its intricate details and stickering, the bat boasts exceptional English willow with a generous display of straight, dark grains. Featuring an L504 blade, slightly shorter than conventional bats, the bat compensates with an elongated handle, ensuring excellent balance, pickup, and feel. With the sweet spot strategically positioned in the middle of the bat and a traditional, full-profile design, this bat is tailor-made for dynamic gameplay.

GM Mana Signature Cricket Bat 2024

The GM Mana series makes a comeback in 2024 with the GM Mana Signature cricket bat. Adorned with GM embossed stickering in the classic color scheme, this bat introduces the latest GM grips, enhancing your grip on the bat. Characterized by its lightweight nature and a subtle shave off at the bottom, the bat features a mid to low sweet spot, accompanied by thick edges and bottom. The robust handle further contributes to the bat's impeccable pickup, promising an enhanced gaming experience.

GM Hypa Signature Cricket Bat 2024

The GM Hypa 2024 retains the same stickering and branding as its predecessor. Sporting a regular blade, the bat maintains its profile from the previous year, as highlighted by Amar's side-by-side comparison. Interestingly, the visual distinction is minimal, with the primary difference lying in the pricing, slightly elevated in the 2024 edition. Amar's review provides a nuanced insight into the continuity of quality and design in the GM Hypa series.


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