SS TON Super Select, Limited Edition and Master 8000 Review and Video Unboxing

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 7th Sep 2023

SS TON Super Select, Limited Edition and Master 8000 Review and Video Unboxing

In this video, Dipesh reviews some of the best cricket bats from SS. What sets these bats apart is not only their superior quality but also the meticulous selection process that brings them to your cricketing arena as these bats are hand-selected by our expert Dipesh at SS’ factory in India. So, here’s a quick review of Amar.

SS Super Select Cricket Bat 2023

Imagine a bat meticulously chosen by the expert eyes of Jatin Sareen, SS's owner, known for his cricketing acumen. These clefts form the foundation of the exquisite Super Select 2023. Handpicked by Dipesh, our CSO expert, these bats represent the cream of the crop. The Super Select 2023 arrives in a classy leather cover, a prelude to the quality within.

With a weight of 1165g, this bat surprises with its remarkably light pickup, courtesy of the traditional duckbill toe profile. Its 14 straight and tight grains speak volumes about the quality of the willow. Complemented by a slim round handle and complete toe finishing, it's ready to wield right out of the box.

Amar's test with a CA red cricket ball confirms its excellence, producing a crisp ping. In this review, you'll discover three SS Super Selects, each with the same profile and quality but offering variations in weight and grain count. Their traditional profile and superb craftsmanship make them ideal for executing a wide range of shots - from classic drives to delicate glances, you'll feel in control.

SS Master 8000 Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Master 8000 Cricket Bat 2023 is a testament to craftsmanship, hewn from Grade 2 English Willow. Its clean willow and unfinished toe grace the bat's exterior. With 7 straight and equidistant grains, it weighs 1180g and features a slim round handle. The bat's mid-to-low sweet spot is a delight for drives and pulls.

The bat's ping, demonstrated by Amar, showcases its remarkable performance. This review presents 8 SS Master 8000 cricket bats, highlighting their versatility in weight and offering various grain counts. The consistent factor is their exceptional performance and ping. With its mid-to-low sweet spot, the SS Master 8000 2023 is tailor-made for batsmen who enjoy playing shots all around the ground.

SS Limited Edition Cricket Bat 2023

For those who demand the utmost quality, the SS Limited Edition Cricket Bat 2023 delivers. Crafted from premium grade 1+ English willow, these bats feature a remarkable 9 straight and equidistant grains. Their front and back faces exhibit pristine cleanliness, a testament to the premium willow's quality.

With a traditional SS profile and a weight of around 1180g, these bats sport a mid-to-low sweet spot, offering players the ability to execute powerful shots with balance. Amar's ping test reinforces their impressive quality, owed in part to the high-quality pressing applied during crafting.

The SS Limited Edition 2023 provides exceptional versatility. Its well-distributed sweet spot empowers batsmen to execute both aggressive shots like lofted drives and delicate touches like late cuts with ease.

SS Vintage Finisher 7 Cricket Bat 2023

Inspired by MS Dhoni's original player profile, the SS Vintage Finisher 7 cricket bat boasts an oval handle. At 1130g, it feels exceptionally light at 1110g in the pickup. Its clean willow with 7 straight grains promises solid performance. A red cricket ball bouncing off its surface in Amar's demonstration attests to its impressive ping.

The SS Vintage Finisher 7 2023 is your partner for sublime timing and control. Its light pickup and graceful balance make it an ideal choice for wristy flicks and late cuts, adding finesse to your shot selection.

SS Maximus Cricket Bat 2023

Our cricketing journey culminates with the SS Maximus Cricket Bat, featuring the thickest handle among the bats reviewed. With 8 straight grains and a classic SS profile, this bat weighs 1175g. Amar's ping test, using a brand-new red ball, demonstrates its explosive performance, attributed to precise pressing during crafting.

The SS Maximus 2023 is a powerhouse for big-hitting batsmen. Its thick edges and weight distribution make it ideal for launching sixes effortlessly, while the classic profile allows for traditional drives and cuts.


In this exclusive SS cricket bat review, Amar Shah has unveiled a handpicked selection that epitomizes cricketing excellence. These bats aren't just tools; they are a testament to passion, craftsmanship, and a commitment to delivering top-tier quality.

Whether you're seeking precision in timing, versatility for all-round shots, or sheer power for boundary-hitting, this collection has something to offer every cricket enthusiast. Choose the SS bat that resonates with your style, and embark on a journey of cricketing greatness with SS, where quality and performance meet in perfect harmony. To further explore these amazing SS Cricket bats, visit the Cricket Store online.

For a complete expert review, watch the video below!