SS Sword Cricket Bat 2023 - Complete Review Summary

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 4th May 2023

SS Sword Cricket Bat 2023 - Complete Review Summary

In this video, Amar Shah reviews the latest cricket bat from SS, “ SS Sword Cricket Bat 2023.” Amar gives an in depth review of the bat’s profile, build quality and performance. Here are some highlights of Amar’s review!

SS Sword Cricket Bat 2023

Profile of SS Sword

SS Sword Cricket Bats 2023 is a premium product designed by SS to meet the demands of cricket enthusiasts who seek top-quality bats for optimal performance. With a Grade 2 English willow construction, these bats boast a traditional SS profile that gives players a comfortable grip and a clean front face. Weighing approximately 2.8oz, these bats feel even lighter due to their subtle duckbill toe, providing players with a lightweight pickup and allowing them to play high-precision shots easily. The mid-to-low sweet spot makes them ideal for low-bounce pitches, and their clean front face and profile are perfect for playing straight drives. The edges are 40mm wide while the bottom thickness is around 28mm. Additionally, their thick shoulders and bottoms make them perfect for powerful shots, while the subtle duckbill toe enables players to play quick flicks and delicate shots around the wicket easily.

Handle and Pickup of SS Sword

One of the most noteworthy features of SS Sword Cricket Bats is their perfect balance. With a slim round handle, these bats feel incredibly light and easy to maneuver. However, if players want to improve the pickup of the bat even further, Amar Shah, in his review, recommended adding another grip on top of the handle. This will make the bat even more comfortable to hold and help players achieve higher control.

Enhanced Toe Protection

SS Sword Cricket Bats 2023 has an enhanced toe protection feature that makes them stand out from the crowd. This year, SS has gone the extra mile by addressing the needs of the players and providing extra protection on the toe. They have added an additional layer of transparent edge tape at the bottom, which shows their commitment to their customers. This extra layer of protection makes the bat more durable and provides professional knockers with a more straightforward job, allowing them to knock the bat professionally without worrying about causing any damage. The pre-installed toe guard offers better shock absorption at the bottom, reducing the risk of the damage while playing. With the enhanced toe protection feature, players can focus on their game without worrying about damaging their bat during practice or matches.


Amar Shah checked the ping on Pro grade SS Sword Cricket bat with a brand new SG White cricket bat. The bat had a nice and crispy ping, clearly depicting the high quality of these cricket bats. SS Sword Cricket Bats 2023 is an excellent choice for players who demand nothing but the best from their cricket gear.


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