SS SKY STUNNER CRICKET BAT 2022 - Complete Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 15th Sep 2022

SS SKY STUNNER CRICKET BAT 2022 - Complete Review

In this video, Amar Shah from CricMax reviews the latest “SS SKY STUNNER.” CSO worked with SS and got exclusive rights to launch this SS SKY STUNNER on their website. SS Sky stunner is a budget-friendly bat having all the characteristics of a quality cricket bat.

So, here’s a brief review of Amar.


SS SKY Stunner is a grade 5 English willow cricket bat. The bat’s blade is bleached to make it look good. Bleaching doesn't deteriorate the bat’s quality and performance but is done to make the bat’s face cleaner and spotless. The bat has 8 - 10 visible and equidistant grains showing its quality and excellent finishing. Amar reviews two SS bats in this video, and their main features are mentioned below!


SS Sky Stunner has a different profile and build than “SS SKY ORIGINAL PLAYER BAT.” The bat has an edge thickness of 40mm with a spine height of 65mm. The spine goes all the way from the middle of the bat to the bottom, allowing the bat to have an extended sweet spot. The toe is around 30mm wide, providing optimum performance while batting. All these features make SS SKY STUNNER a little bit bottom-heavy, having an actual weight of 2.8lb. This allows the batsman to easily play straight lofted shots and cover boundaries instantly.


SS Sky stunner has slim round handles, allowing the player's bottom hand to come into play more easily for amazing lofted shots. The ping is exceptionally consistent and soft throughout the whole bat. Amar felt a little jerk in the handle while checking the ping with a new red ball. This issue can be solved by adding an extra grip over the bat’s round handle, which will also help to shift the bat’s weight more towards its center.


Amar reviews two SS Sky Stunners in this video. The bats are mostly identical but have different grain counts in them. This difference is because willow is used from distinct clefts of wood. It doesn't impact their performance a bit but is more of an aesthetic choice.


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For a complete review by CricMax experts, watch the video below!