SS Player Bats and Grade 1 Bats Review | Johnny Bairstow Bat, SS Saurav Ganguly and Master 9000

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 28th Aug 2023

SS Player Bats and Grade 1 Bats Review | Johnny Bairstow Bat, SS Saurav Ganguly and Master 9000

In this video, Amar Shah from Cricket Store Online takes us through a range of exciting cricket bats by SS. From the impressive Gladiator to the iconic Johnny Bairstow and Elite Sourav Ganguly bats, we will explore each bat's unique features and performance. Join us as we delve into the specifications, design, and overall quality of these exceptional cricketing tools.

SS Gladiator Cricket Bat 2023

The first bat Amar reviews is the SS Gladiator Cricket Bat 2023. Crafted from premium lightweight English willow, this full-profile bat offers exceptional performance on the field. With a sweet spot positioned in the mid-to-low area of the blade, the bat allows for powerful shots and controlled strokes. The semi-oval handle and a weight of approximately 1125 grams contribute to improved balance and a lighter feel during gameplay.


The bat's front face features brand new SS Gladiator stickering, while the 12 central and straight grains highlight the bat's quality craftsmanship. The bat offers an impressive ping, demonstrating its class and excellence. Amar reviews two Gladiator bats in this video, which differ slightly in their grain count and weight.

SS Ton Johnny Bairstow Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Johnny Bairstow Cricket Bat 2023 features a beautiful Ton branding with Johnny Bairstow's signature engraved. Constructed from the finest English willow, this bat showcases ten straight and dark grains, enhancing its visual appeal. With an almost duckbill toe profile and a sweet spot in the lower midsection, this bat provides the ideal balance for lofted drives and shots. Weighing approximately 1185 grams, the bat feels remarkably light in the pickup, around 1160 grams. Amar recommends adding an extra grip to enhance the bat's pickup and balance. The bat delivers an excellent ping, as evidenced by Amar's pink ball demonstration.

SS Elite Sourav Ganguly Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Elite Sourav Ganguly Cricket Bat 2023 features a full-profile design with a slight duckbill toe, resembling Virat Kohli's cricket bat profile. With a slim round handle and a weight of around 1170 grams, this bat offers excellent maneuverability on the field. The bat's quality construction ensures it feels even lighter in the pickup, approximately 1155 grams.


Amar suggests adding another grip to enhance the bat’s pickup and improve its balance while making shots. The bat boasts seven straight grains and delivers an impressive ping, rivaling that of a player edition cricket bat, thanks to the meticulous pressing it has undergone. Amar reviewed two SS Elite bats in this video. The bat’s are identical but differ slightly in grain count and weight.

SS Maximus Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Maximus Cricket Bat 2023 is a full-profile bat featuring nine straight and dark grains. Weighing approximately 1175 grams, this bat offers a light pickup of around 1150 grams, allowing for quick and powerful shots. With a duckbill toe profile and a slim round handle, akin to the SS Elite Cricket Bat, the Maximus bat offers excellent control and maneuverability. Adding an additional grip can significantly enhance the bat's pickup.


Additionally, the second SS Maximus bat differs from its counterpart in having a lower sweet spot, enabling players to generate power through a complete swing for lofted drives and shots. The bat's impressive ping further solidifies its quality and performance.

SS Master 8000 Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Master 8000 Cricket Bat 2023 is crafted with premium English willow, showcasing seven straight and equidistant grains. With a low sweet spot and a spine height of approximately 66-67 mm, this bat offers excellent power and control. Weighing around 1125 grams, the bat features a slim round handle that ensures a comfortable grip. Due to the bat's concentration of willow in the bottom, it feels slightly heavier in the pickup at around 1135 grams.

Amar also reviewed a variant of this bat, which had a slight duckbill toe and weighed approximately 1155 grams. Apart from this minor difference, the bats are identical. The Master 8000 bats deliver an impressive ping, allowing the ball to fly off the bat's surface, highlighting their quality and performance.


The SS Cricket Bats 2023 offers a range of exceptional choices for cricketers seeking top-quality performance on the field. From the mighty Gladiator to the signature Johnny Bairstow, Elite Sourav Ganguly, Maximus, and Master 8000 bats, each bat is crafted precisely and designed to deliver outstanding results. Whether you're a professional player or a passionate cricket enthusiast, these bats provide the perfect combination of balance, power, and maneuverability.


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