Slazenger V800 Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 9th Mar 2016

Slazenger V800 Cricket Bat

There is a lot to love about the Slazenger V800 Cricket Bat. For starters the choice of the cricket bats in the V800 range is made from G1 English Willow. The handle on the V800 is semi-oval. Semi-Oval is the preferred shape for cricket batsmen nowadays. The shape is known to enhance the comfort and control of the batsman on the bat.

Like Spartan Cricket Bats, the angle of the toe on the Slazenger V800 cricket bat is square. The sweet spot on the Slazenger V800  cricket bat is slightly lower than what is common for English made cricket bats. This cricket bat comes standard with a toe guard and Slazenger have fitted their own great OctoPlus grip. The bow on the Slazenger V800 is standard.

There is really something for everyone in the Slazenger V800  cricket bat. Slazenger has slated this cricket bat as a highly versatile cricket bat. The weight balance and pick-up of the bat is as good as any other high quality cricket bat on the market.

Slazenger V800 Cricket Bat

There is immense power in the cricket bat comes from the beautifully contoured edges and the extended sweet spot. There is virtually no dead spots on the bat. The 12 piece premium cane handle will absorb any vibrations that is not absorbed by the premium willow.

The aesthetics of the Slazenger V800 is also quite pleasing. The bright yellow color and the high quality graphic stickers really give the bat a high quality look.

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