Shrey Wicket Keeping Air 2.0 Steel Helmet: Deep Dive for Keepers Seeking Unmatched Protection

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 22nd Feb 2024

Cricket Store Online, your trusted partner in elevating your game with the right gear, breaks down the Shrey Wicket Keeping Air 2.0 Steel Helmet (Navy Blue) to empower your informed purchase. Buckle up, fellow wicket-keepers, as we dissect its technical aspects, size options, and why it might be your perfect match!

As a wicket-keeper myself, I understand the crucial role a reliable helmet plays. The Wicket Keeping Air 2.0, clad in a sleek navy blue finish, promises both enhanced protection and improved comfort. Let's delve into its key features:

  • Steel Grill: The Shrey Wicket Keeping Air 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet features a robust steel grill that provides superior protection against ball impacts while maintaining excellent visibility. The grill design is strategically engineered to deflect balls away from the face, ensuring maximum safety for the wicketkeeper.
  • EPS Inner Shell: The helmet is equipped with an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) inner shell, which offers enhanced shock absorption properties. This inner shell effectively disperses impact energy, reducing the risk of head injuries and providing added peace of mind for the wicketkeeper.
  • Quick-release Buckle: For added convenience and safety, the helmet comes with a quick-release buckle mechanism on the chin strap. This allows for easy removal of the helmet in emergency situations, ensuring swift access to medical attention if needed.
  • Extended Back Panel: The helmet may feature an extended back panel design to provide additional protection to the back of the head and neck. This comprehensive coverage ensures all-round safety for the wicketkeeper, especially during diving or standing up to the stumps.
  • Anti-microbial Lining: To maintain hygiene and freshness, the helmet's inner lining may include an anti-microbial treatment. This helps prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring that the helmet remains clean and odor-free even after prolonged use on the field.
  • Adjustable Chin Cup: The helmet's chin cup is adjustable to provide a customized fit for each individual wicketkeeper. This ensures optimal comfort and stability, allowing the wicketkeeper to focus on their performance without distraction.

Being a wicketkeeper myself, I recognize the paramount importance of a dependable helmet. The Wicket Keeping Air 2.0, adorned in a stylish navy blue hue, assures not only heightened protection but also elevated comfort levels. Let's explore its standout attributes:

  • High-Grade Steel Grille: Prioritizing safety, the grille is crafted from high-tensile steel, offering exceptional resistance against fast deliveries and bouncers. Breathe easy knowing you're well-shielded.
  • Superior Ventilation: Trapped heat can be a keeper's enemy. The strategically placed ventilation channels in the Wicket Keeping Air 2.0 ensure optimal airflow, keeping you cool and focused throughout the game.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing in lighter than its predecessor, the Wicket Keeping Air 2.0 minimizes unnecessary bulk, allowing for superior head movement and agility behind the stumps.
  • Snug Fit and Comfort: A microfiber inner lining provides a plush and secure fit, while the adjustable head harness fine-tunes the fit for maximum comfort during long innings.
  • Available Sizes: The Wicket Keeping Air 2.0 caters to various head sizes, with options in Small (55-58cms), Medium (58-61cms), and Large (60-63cms). Ensure a perfect fit for optimal protection and comfort.

Measuring your head circumference accurately is crucial. Use a soft tape measure, placing it just above your eyebrows and around the widest part of your head. Refer to the provided size chart to find your ideal fit. Remember, a slightly snug fit is preferable for better protection.

If you're seeking a protective, comfortable, and stylish wicket-keeping helmet, the Shrey Wicket Keeping Air 2.0 Steel Helmet ticks all the boxes. Its lightweight design, superior ventilation, and high-grade steel grille offer the confidence and focus you need behind the stumps. Plus, the sleek navy blue finish adds a touch of style to your on-field presence.

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So, is the Shrey Wicket Keeping Air 2.0 Steel Helmet your ideal wicket-keeping companion? Visit Cricket Store Online today and explore the options! We're here to guide you every step of the way.