Learn About GM Zelos Cricket Bat 2018

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 10th Jan 2018

Learn About GM Zelos Cricket Bat 2018

GM Zelos Cricket Bat 2018GM cricket bat manufacturers have introduced some incredible cricket bats for the 2018 cricket season. One of the brand new cricket bats is the  GM Zelos Cricket Bat, it has GM’s new L-Sweet cricket bat technology and is known in full

The Willow on the GM Zelos Cricket Bat

The GM Zelos cricket bat comes in a wide variety of top English willows throughout the range. At its premium there is the GM Zelos DXM LE cricket bat and the GM Zelos Original which is made with premium limited edition English willow and Grade 1 English Willow respectively. It is also available in Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 English Willow, to best suit your budget when buying the GM Zelos cricket bat.


The GM Zelos cricket bat comes in a wide variety of willow grades and have different names that distinguish them. Cricket Store Online makes it clear on each product page to know exactly which GM Zelos cricket bat you are buying and what the grade of willow is. The availabilities are:




ZELOS™ DXM®  808






Sweet Spot and L-Sweet

As mentioned the GM Zelos cricket bat has the latest L-Sweet cricket bat technology from GM. This means that GM have varied the lengths of the blades and handles on their range of bats. This gives batsmen a better opportunity to select the cricket bat that will best suit their style of play. A longer handle for a real power hitter or perhaps the traditional face of the cricket bat for a top order stroke maker.

The GM Zelos cricket bat has the standard 555 mm on the length of the blade, this is indicated in the L555. The GM Zelos has the most centered to middle sweet spot position in the GM range of cricket bats for 2018. The sweet spot would qualify as an exact mid sweet spot but with the great weight balance, there is immense power all over the GM Zelos cricket bat.


Like all the bats in the GM range of cricket bats for 2018, the GM Zelos cricket bat comes fitted with the GM Dynamic Grip. Players absolutely love the dynamic grip because it is exactly as its name suggests, Dynamic. It offers a different feel on the top hand of the cricket bat to the bottom hand. This is because they perform different functions for the batsman when he is playing his shot. It is for very good reason that GM has fitted all of their 2018 cricket bats with a GM Dynamic Grip.


The GM Zelos cricket bats come with a toe guard fitted as standard.


The handle of the GM Zelso cricket bats are of a stanadard length and they are made with premium cane. Cane is the best material for a cricket bat handle as it prevents vibration to the hands of the batsman and promotes power in the face and blade of the cricket bat. The semi-oval handle on the cricket bat is known to be the most comfortable and give the batsman the most amount of control. That is why the GM Zelos cricket bats have semi-oval handles.

GM Now!

For a few seasons now GM has finished their cricket bats with GM Now! GM Zelos cricket bats are also finished with GM Now! This means that the bat has been treated to a light knock-in, a coating of raw linseed oil and a professionally fitted anti-scuff sheet on the face of the blade and the shoulders. As mentioned GM Now!, also means that the bat has a professional ToeTek toe guard fitted. This process limits the possibility of dampness seeping into the bat and the toe swelling. Players till need to take good care of their cricket bats to ensure that they are not neglected and therefore damaged.

The Numbers

The important numbers on the GM Zelos range of cricket bats are as follows. The GM Zelos ranges in weight from 2lbs8oz to about 2lbs12oz, this makes it one of the lightest bats in the GM range of cricket bats for 2018.

The edges on this cricket bat are a massive 35mm, this is huge power and stability for the rest of the bat.

Players these days like to multiply the edge size with the swell depth as well as other factors. The swell depth on the GM Zelos cricket bat is 64mm, this overall gives huge power to the face of the cricket bat and ensures maximum ball power striking on every shot played with the GM Zelos cricket bat.