LATEST MRF Cricket Bats 2022 - Review by CSO

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 15th Sep 2022

LATEST MRF Cricket Bats 2022 - Review by CSO

In this video, Amar reviewed all new MRF 2022 Cricket bats. If you are looking for a perfect willow blade bat from a reputed brand and make 2022 your most memorable batting season, these bats are for you. Production-wise, the bats are of top-notch quality. These bats have been hand-selected by the staff of Cricket Store Online and are now available for purchase on the site.

Amar reviewed the following fantastic quality MRF cricket bats.


The MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 is a premium Grade 1 English willow bat. These bats' stroking performance, knock, swing, and sweet spot are all consistent and impressive. The number of grains varies on each bat ranging from 8 to 20 nice straight grains. It is available in both single and two-tone colored willow. The bat has 63-65mm spine height with thick 38-40mm edges with little concaving. These bats weigh around 1160-1180 g and are available in both round, and semi-oval imported cane handles.

Amar reviewed 14 of these MRF GG 1.0 edition bats. All these bats have the same mid-low consistent profile, with the number of grains varying on each bat. Amar checked the ping on these bats and found it solid.


The MRF Genius Chase Master has been made to replicate Virat Kohli's bat. It is a Grade 1 English willow bat made for long innings to put a massive total on the board. The bat’s weight is evenly distributed, which makes it easier to swing. It has a complete face design, and the sweet spot is most significant in the middle of the bat. The bat has 40-41 mm thick edges with 64-65 mm spine height. It has 12 nice straight grains with single and two-tone color clean willow. The bat weighs around 1165-1175 g. This is all you need if you are looking for a lightweight bat with exceptional performance.

Amar reviewed four of the MRF Chase Master bat. The number of grains varies on each bat. The bat is available in both semi-oval and oval handles. All these bats are amazingly soft-pinging bats.


The MRF GENIUS GRAND EDITION 2.0 is Grade 2 English willow mid-profile cricket bat. The bat has 5-6 straight grains with a little bit of blemish on the bat. These bats have nice 38-40 thick edges with a slight concave bow at the back. The bat is available in both round and semi-oval handles.

Amar reviewed 3 of these bats. All the bats have the same consistent mid-profile with a clean willow. The number of grains varies on each bat. You can rest assured of the performance of these hand-selected cricket bats.


AmarShah reviewed the MRF Genius grand edition 3.0, made of grade 3 English willow. A very clean-looking face with darker grains and beautiful yet minimal MRF labeled both at the front and back of the bat. The edge profile of these bats lies between 35-38mm blade thickness and 63mm spine height with a slight concave bow at the back. This blade has just enough willow to provide a tremendously well-balanced pickup, complementing the semi-oval handle. These bats ping well for the grade 3 English-willow, weighing around 1192g which Amar found a bit heavy.


MRF Legend VK 18 is a prototype of the original Virat Kholi Legend edition bat. Amar found something special about these bats while reviewing. These bats are made of grade 1 English willow, a clean flat face with straight grains. The edges are slightly concave and are on the thicker side, 38-40mm. It is a complete profile bat having a wide bow with enough cleft to assist the mid-sweet spot of the bat. Amar expressed while reviewing that this bat is pressed a little differently, but the ping is superb, as expected from a grade 1 willow bat. The oval handle will provide a firm, sturdy grip and room for that signature Virat Kholi cover drive.


The MRF Wizard Power Edition is one of its kind. Its design has minimal transparent MRF labels with a red border, giving it an aesthetic look. The wizard power edition is a carefully handcrafted bat with a natural wooden tone(untreated). It is a full-profile bat with a clean Grade 1 English willow. The edges are slightly concave, with a curved bow at the back. The slim round handle provides a comfortable grip to assist the pickup. This one is somewhat hard-pressed, but the ping is phenomenal, considering it is Grade 1 English willow.


You can now easily purchase these fantastic quality bats, which are currently available at Cricket Store Online!


For a detailed review, see the video below!