Kookaburra Plasma 1500 Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 27th May 2015

Kookaburra Plasma 1500 Cricket Bat

The IPL is a really the cricketing circus. Fun for everyone. Some may have been taking a keen look at the bats that some of the players were using and wondering "What in the world is that?" And secondly "Where in the world can I get my hands on one of those?"

Kookaburra Plasma 1500 Cricket Bat

It used to be that when a player walked to the wicket using a Kookaburra, it was obvious that he was using a Kahuna. AB De Villiers used a Kahuna and now uses an Onyx, Ricky Ponting uses a Kahuna and as did Damien Martyn, Justin Langer and Kumar Sangakkarra to name just a few. Now though, it seems that every batsman that uses a Kookaburra is using a different shape and model. There is the rebirth of the Kookaburra Bubble and the Kookaburra Xenon and the Instinct. Brad Haddin, Glenn Maxwell and AB De Villiers are all using a different brand of Kookaburra cricket bat.

So here is the latest from the Kookaburra bird cage and it is an absolute beauty. It is the Kookaburra Plasma 1500.

So what makes this bat so special?

If you can sum it up in a few sentences it is that this bat contains all the power of a power hitters bat but has the most delicate pick up for those players who improvise with delicate sweeps, scoops and lap shots. This is the ultimate limited overs cricketers bat.

It is made from pristine Test match grade English Willow. It ranges in the 2lbs6 to 2lbs9oz range, what is quite remarkable for a bat that packs this much power. The power in the bat comes from the bats super huge Super Spine and power profile. The weight distribution is superb for a truly feather light pick up.

The Kookaburra Plasma 1500 is super versatile and will offer great power and durability to cricketers of all ages.

Other bats available now from Kookaburra are :

The Kahuna, The Onyx, The plasma, The Verve, The Instinct and The Cadejo.