Japen Patels Diary.

Posted by jason mellet on 19th Jun 2015

Japen Patels Diary.

Japen’s Diary

It has been a really hectic few days training on a really high level. It is quite an unbelievable feeling when you running in to bowl in the nets and on the other end of your deliveries are Kieron Pollard and Shoaib Malik. These are players that pull apart international bowling attacks. All in all I sent down about 7-8 overs to high quality batsmen and faired pretty well.

It was then time to pad up. It is one thing bowling to high quality batsmen but it is a whole other kettle of fish when you have to face some quick bowlers in the nets. I had a great hit out in the nets and was quite happy with my performance over about 30 minutes.

Japen Patels Diary

Day 3 was a really exciting day. It was a practice match. Dwayne Smith’s team against Kieron Pollard’s team. Quite an exciting feeling despite being a practice match when the skipper Smith tells you that you will be batting at 6. I came into bat in the last over and got to face one delivery, I scored 2 off the bowling of Kieron Pollard.

It was an awesome experience to play on a team, albeit a practice match with guys like Ravi Rampaul, Sohaib Malik and Dwayne Smith. As much as there was a learning experience in terms of batting and bowling, it is really cool to hear the guys discussing fielding placements and strategies for individual players in between overs.

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