Hammer Vapor 1.0 Duffle Cricket Kit Bag 2024 - Complete Expert Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 12th Oct 2023

Hammer Vapor 1.0 Duffle Cricket Kit Bag 2024 - Complete Expert Review

Hammer Vapor 1.0 Duffle Cricket Kit Bag 2024

In a comprehensive video review by Amar Shah, we delve into the latest kitbag offering from Hammer - the "Hammer Vapor 1.0 Kit Bag 2024." This duffle-style kit bag boasts a striking red and black color combination that instantly catches the eye. What sets this bag apart is its size; initially designed as a Junior Kit Bag, it pleasantly surprised Amar by accommodating a complete adult kit with ease.

Storage That Surprises

The Hammer Vapor 1.0 provides an impressive array of storage options. On one side of the bag, you'll find a convenient net pocket designed to hold your refreshments, ensuring you stay hydrated during those intense matches. Right beside it, a zipped pocket is strategically placed, specifically for your cricket bat. What's notable about this zipped pocket is that it connects seamlessly with the main compartment, offering the utmost protection for your cherished cricket bat.

Accessory Heaven

On the opposite side of the bag, an accessory pocket awaits your extras, keeping smaller items well-organized. Towards the front, a generously sized accessory pocket offers ample space for your jerseys, socks, elbow sleeves, abdominal guard, and more. In essence, it's an all-in-one storage solution designed to keep your gear tidy and accessible.

Room to Spare

The main compartment of the Hammer Vapor 1.0 boasts ample space for all your cricket essentials. The bag is fully padded on the front and sides, ensuring your gear remains safe from any potential bumps or knocks. To emphasize the capacity of this bag, Amar demonstrated by placing a complete adult kit inside the main compartment - including a helmet, batting pads, batting gloves, chest guard, and thigh guards. The bag easily accommodated these critical items, underlining its impressive storage capabilities.

Built to Last

To guarantee that your cricket gear is safe and secure, the back of the bag is constructed to be solid and sturdy. Padded straps are thoughtfully incorporated on the backside, enhancing comfort and convenience during transportation. Moreover, the Hammer branding, tastefully presented in black, adds a touch of elegance to the kit bag's aesthetics.


In conclusion, the Hammer Vapor 1.0 Kit Bag for 2024 is a testament to Hammer's commitment to quality and functionality. While designed as a Junior Kit Bag, it remarkably accommodates a complete adult kit. Its array of storage options, comprehensive padding, and robust construction make it a dependable choice for cricket enthusiasts of all ages. Stay organized, protect your gear, and make a statement with the Hammer Vapor 1.0 kit bag, ensuring your focus remains solely on your performance on the cricket field.


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