Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat - Cricket Store Online

Posted by jason mellet on 17th Sep 2014

Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat - Cricket Store Online

Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat

If there was a cricket bat that could be called the all-rounder of cricket bats, it would be the  Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat. It is the batting weapon of choice for Australia's highly successful ODI batsman, George Bailey and for good reason. 

The  Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat is billed by Gray Nicolls as the shot makers bat and everything about it suggests that it is just that. It is unique in that it is traditional and classical but has a whimsical allure of modern beauty and grandeur, it is a true bat makers masterpiece.

Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat - Cricket Store Online

The handle of the bat is semi-oval, this provides batsmen with optimum comfort and control in their shots. The bat is great for back foot or front foot play. The sweet spot is in the exact mid blade zone in the bat, this is ideal for players who love to come onto the front foot and belt the ball to all areas of the ground. Back foot players do not lose out either though with the  Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat because the bat has a full hitting zone profile, this provides enormous masses of power to the batsman when he rocks onto the back foot for forceful back foot play.

As is standard with all new Gray Nicolls bats, the bat comes with the New Zone Pro grips which improves the feel and touch through the shot.

The aesthetics of the bat is a bat lovers dream. A more full profile is genuinely hard to find, as the profile begins to swell forming a beautiful mound that only ends a mere inches from the toe of the bat. Gray Nicolls have gone with their classic red and black on all the stickers for the new F18.

If you are looking for a bat that will set you apart, the  Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat is definitely for you, the only downside is that if you treat it with care, you may not have to buy another bat for a while.

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