GM Cricket Bats for 2017

Posted by jason mellet on 24th Oct 2016

GM Cricket Bats for 2017

GM Cricket Bats for 2017

GM Cricket Bats for 2017

The 2017 cricket season is upon us and that means that you are bound to see some of the most brilliant cricket bats from GM. Here is a bunch of GM cricket bats that we suggest you look out for from the premier English Willow cricket bat manufacturer.

GM Neon L540 Cricket Bat

This Neon L540 cricket bat is every bit as cool as it sounds. This bat has a dynamic L540 sweet spot. The shortening of the blade has led to this explosive sweet spot. This is a little bit like Mongoose was trying to accomplish with their club like bat but it seems that GM has simply perfected. The GM Neon L540 cricket bat has a mid to high sweet spot and favors back and front foot overall stroke play.

GM Neon L540 Cricket Bat image

GM Chrome L555 Cricket Bat

Yet another piece of cricket bat mastery from GM. The GM Chrome L555 cricket bat is more of a traditionalists cricket bat. It has the traditional sized blade. It also differs from the GM Neon in that the swell position for the sweet spot is in the mid to low position. May favor slightly less bouncy pitches or strong front foot players. Either which way, as purists for English Willow cricket bats go, this bat is an absolute beauty.

GM Chrome L555 Cricket Bat image

GM Mana L540 Cricket Bat

The GM Mana L540 cricket bat is yet another cricket bat that has the dynamic sweetspot. The GM Mana L540 is unique in that it has the flatter toe design. Some batsmen have found that the flatter to design increases the overall power of the bat and GM has capitalized on that. The GM Mana has been a highly sought GM cricket bat and this is only going to increase that demand.

GM Mana L540 Cricket Bat image

GM Paragon L555 Cricket Bat

Like the GM Chrome, the GM Paragon L555 cricket bat is a traditional faced cricket bat. GM have done an incredibly awesome job with the GM Paragon L555 in engineering a lighter swing weight. The lighter swing weight means that the batsman can pack a lot more power through the cricket ball. The pick up on every one of GM’s cricket bats is superb but the GM Paragon is a stand out when it comes to balance and huge amounts of power at a lighter weight.

GM Mana L540 Cricket Bat image

GM Kaha L525 Cricket Bat

Now this is a truly exciting cricket bat from GM. It is the super short blade of the GM Kaha L525 cricket bat. This bat is engineered by GM for T20 cricketers and T20 cricket. Many bats will say that they are ideal for T20 cricket but this one is truly that. Perhaps the most striking feature of this cricket bat is the amount of concentrated power it has near the toe of the bat. It is quite awesome. GM have also concaved the bat slightly to ensure that there is integrity to blade that could snap easily otherwise because of its shortness.

GM Mana L540 Cricket Bat image

GM ST30 L540 Cricket Bat

A little something for the ladies. Looks cute, picks up very light but boy oh boy does it pack a punch. GM have engineered the GM ST30 L540 cricket bat specifically with women cricketers in mind and they have done an extraordinary job at that. There has been no compromise on the power of the GM ST30 L540 cricket bat, but there has been a view to keeping the weight low and the pick up and balance perfect.

GM ST30 L540 Cricket Bat image

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The 2017 range will be available for purchase from November with a December delivery date.