​Dear Cricket Store Online

Posted by David on 11th May 2015

​Dear Cricket Store Online

Dear Cricket Store Online,

I would sincerely like to thank you for the service you do for American cricketers. Let me elaborate. Very often as an American cricketer I find that the products that are available for purchase in terms of cricket equipment are old and outdated and to go together with that, they are supremely overpriced.

That is totally not the case with Cricket Store Online. Your prices are great. In fact comparing it with your English colleagues and in light of the many value added services that you offer, your prices are quite impeccable.

You always keep your stock fresh, you do not have the same stock for years on end. There is always fresh and new stuff and it is top of the range. Yes, an American cricket store that is not afraid to stock top of the line cricket equipment because we as American cricketers deserve no less. Aside from that you carry a wide range of stock, which means that there is always something for everyone at a price to match a budget.

Your sales are golden and you offer great equipment and bats at truly bargain prices. This is what other cricketers are getting around the globe and you are providing us with it too in America.

You truly are blazing a path of service and delivery in the American cricket market. Jason's advice is always top class and not only that orders on cricket equipment are always shipped out expediently and with quality packaging. You guys know that bats are babies and while the delivery man may not appreciate that, you guys package them so that he doesn't need to and the bat still comes in pristine condition.

Thanks for all that you do for the American cricket community.

With thanks and respect,


Van Nuys, California