Adidas Pellara Cricket Bat Review 2016

Posted by jason mellet on 7th Apr 2016

Adidas Pellara Cricket Bat Review 2016

Adidas Pellara Cricket Bat Review 2016

Cricket season is here in the United States and the first call of order for any self respecting cricketer is to ensure that the gear is in top order. First stop on that list is the cricket bat.

If you are looking for a great cricket bat this season, you would be well advised to consider the adidas Pellara cricket bat. Used by players like rising English superstar David Willey the adidas Pellara has a lot of power and is made for the stroke maker and the power hitter.

Starting with the handle, the adidas Pellara is a 9 piece cane handle. There is an elongated middle swell. The middle swell gives the bat a mid sweet spot if anything that is slightly lower than middle. This is a change, as in the past, many of the adidas bats were taking after the Tendulkar model. The Tendulkar model was to have a much lower swell for a distinctive low sweet spot. This new shape gives the bat a great pick-up and balance.

The large square edges and flat face design are another element of the adidas  Pellara Elite cricket bat that compliments huge hitting. The flatter face means that the ball can make an almost 90 degree contact with the bat ensuring the maximum imparting of power.

The fine details and attention to detail is very well done by adidas on this bat. This includes the new ergonomic octopus grip. This grip gives the batsman great control and great comfort when handling the bat.

All in all, it is very worth considering the adidas Pellara Elite cricket bat for the upcoming USA cricket season.

The Adidas pellara come in 2 models.

Club Model  click here.

Elite Model  click here.