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Cricket Balls 

Cricket Store Online stocks the widest range of cricket balls including red cricket balls, white cricket balls, pink cricket balls and tennis balls for cricket. There is also a wide variety on cricket ball specifications from price to finishing type on the leather.

Types Of Cricket Balls

1: Red Cricket Balls

Red cricket balls are the most common. If you are looking for a red cricket ball in the standard weight range of 156 grams, Cricket Store Online has a host of great options. This includes whether you want a 2-piece cricket ball or you want a 4 piece cricket ball. Red cricket balls are known to have the best durability and therefore these balls are generally used in Test matches.

2: White Cricket Balls

Limited Overs cricket like 50 over or the more popular T20 cricket use white cricket balls. Once again, Cricket Store Online offers a great variety when it comes to price ranges for the white cricket balls. You can also select a lesser quality of white cricket balls for bulk purchase for practice and training and then a higher quality of cricket ball for matches. White cricket balls are best used if the ground you are playing at has a black sightscreen. Like red cricket balls, there are 2-piece white cricket balls and 4-piece white cricket balls.

3: Pink Cricket Balls

Pink cricket balls are the new hype and Cricket Store Online has offerings on them too. Pink cricket balls are famous for being the cricket balls that are used in Day/Night Test Matches. Extensive research and tweaking has gone in by cricket ball manufacturers like Kookaburra to create a quality on the Pink cricket balls that can withstand the rigors of 80 overs in Test match cricket. Pink cricket balls could be a great option for a white sightscreen venue that is playing under lights.

4: Tennis Ball Cricket 

Tennis Ball Cricket is highly popular in the USA. Cricket Store Online has a wide variety of heavy tennis balls for cricket. These tennis balls are at the same weight of a regular leather cricket ball and therefore provides the batsman and bowler with real like training. They are also good for junior teams that are playing on cement laid carpeted cricket pitches.

Cricket Store Online Staff

Cricket Store Online have the widest knowledge on all the cricket balls out there. They are friendly and can advise what cricket ball would best serve your team for cricket training and cricket matches. Cricket Store Online has a superb shipping record and can get you cricket ball expediently and fuss free. Ask us about stocking your cricket club for the entire season with the right cricket balls at the right price.

Cricket Store Online Cricket Ball Brands

Cricket Store Online is proud to stock Kookaburra Cricket Balls, CA cricket balls, GM cricket Balls, Hammer Cricket Balls, Slazenger Training cricket balls, Nivia Tennis cricket balls and Adidas Cricket Balls.

Cricket Store Online is undoubtedly the best place to find the right cricket ball with a plethora of cricket ball options.

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