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Hammer Platinum Edition Cricket Bats 2014 Review


Hey guys, Just doing a couple of quick reviews for you on the 2014 Hammer cricket bats. This review is covering the 2014 Hammer Platinum Edition cricket bats.

All of the Hammer platinum bats are made in the UK, with the finest grade 1 english willow. One great benefit of the platinum bats is that they can be custom made for you; from handle length and shape, to the number of grains and weight. This top cricket bat also comes in four different shapes, including: Hel 156, Beserker RS, Beserker ST, and the Vapen. These shapes will cover any sweetspot you would need. The cricket bats come with nicely detailed black and white stickers that will definitely catch your eye. These bats are available for purchase on the website now- Check them out.