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Gunn & Moore Octane F2 Cricket Bat Review 

Just doing a quick review of the Gunn & Moore Octane F2 cricket bat for you all. 

Firstly, it is an F2 model, so it has the flat face, it is made of English willow at the Nottingham England factory. This top cricket bat has a lower sweetspot and quite a pronounced concave on the back. It has an edge height of about 41mm and apex of close to 60mm. The weight range for the Octane is 2.10 to about 3lbs. You also get the GM control grip, which if you are familiar with the older gm bats you may want to add a grip on there; the bat seems a bit thinner in the handle. The downside to having a thinner handle, is that the bat feels heavier than it actually weights. So, take that into consideration when buying or looking into these bats. Otherwise, the cricket bat  is superb, has a great ping. You can check out more of the Gunn & Moore cricket bats on the website now.