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Kookaburra Bubble Players Cricket Bat

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Kookaburra Bubble Players Cricket Bat

Retro is definitely the new modern. The days of Alec Stewart turning his Kookaburra Bubble vociferously before he took strike, made it the envy of many youngsters. The good old Kookaburra is making a return, the brand is the same but the bat is a whole lot better.

It is the bat that was used to great effect by Brad Haddin during the most recent Ashes series. As a bat maker Kookaburra are renowned for their ingenuity and classic approach to bat making. The Kookaburra Bubble has a specially designed thickened edge of the bat to produce a larger sweet spot and hitting area. It is being marketed as the bat for the player who wants to play the big shots, the power player. Kookaburra have invested heavily in what they call Big Edge and Super Spine technology. Technology which improves the ability of the bat,particularly when it comes to distance hitting.

The Kookaburra Bubble has superb weight distribution throughout the bat. It is made from only the highest quality English Willow and is one of the best looking cricket bats on the market. The Kookaburra Bubble has a unique retro-modern look, calling on the great Kookaburra Bubble brand of the past and embodying it, in a bat of the present.

This cricket season there is much news about teams and players, yet the news on most people's lips is that the Kookaburra Bubble is back with a bang.