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Hammer Beserker ST Cricket Bat 2014 Review 

Hey guys, here is a quick review of the 2014 Hammer Beserker ST cricket bat for you. 

The ST is obviously named for "The Little Master," Sachin Tendulkar. This top cricket bat boasts his profile and shape. Do be aware, with a ST bat around 2lb 8oz, there will be differences due to Sachin's profile and shape being based on a bat nearing the 2lb 13oz range. But nonetheless still a fantastic cricket bat. 

This cricket bat features a low positioned sweetspot, which is great for front foot players. All of the Beserker ST cricket bats are made in England. They have a slight bow to the face with about a 4.5-5mm cambre. They also come standard with toe guards and an oval handle. The Beserker ST is available in several different models including the base model which is the Core, and progressing upwards to the Pro, LE, and Platinum models. These bats are all available for purchase on the website, so please have a look.