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Gray Nicolls Powerspot 2 cricket bat 2014

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Gray Nicolls Powerspot 2 cricket bat 2014

The cricket bat resurrections are highly fashionable these days. The Kookaburra Bubble made its come back in the hands of a belligerent Brad Haddin who assaulted the English bowlers with it throughout the Ashes hosted in Australia. It caused many cricket fans to well up with happy nostalgic memories of batsmen such as Alec Stewart striding to the wicket in the 90's with his Kookaburra Bubble.

Yet another bat to have risen from the proverbial cricketing dead is the Gray Nicolls Powerspot. It was a much acclaimed bat in the 80's and 90's. It was the weapon of choice for among many, Michael Atherton, who used it for the majority of his career. Others such as Hansie Cronje, used it for the happiest and most fruitful time of his career.

The Powerspot as its name suggests has a beautiful sweet spot, or powerspot as Gray Nicolls would refer to it. The new Gray Nicolls Powerspot plays into the retro-resurrected theme of the bat, with many classical features. The bat itself is full faced and has a rounded traditional face. This gives batsmen optimum possibility to make use of the acclaimed Powerspot. The sweet spot itself is half way up the bat and aligns perfectly with the sticker on the back of the bat. The edges of the bat are a thing of beauty and run evenly from toe to shoulder. The toe of the bat is slightly rounded, this is the preferred toe shape for most international batsmen. It provided comfort when preparing to face the ball and also aids in the even weight distribution of the bat for a easy pick up. The weight of the bat is superbly distributed, this encourages stroke play all around the field.

If you are not going to buy the Gray Nicolls Powerspot for performance buy it for the aesthetics. The retro look is a much sought after look and Gray Nicolls have produced an aesthetic marvel in the new Powerspot. It has the throwback olden day Gray Nicolls stickers with the easily identified Powerspot sticker on the back. It is well priced and a great addition to any players kit bag.