GM Original L.E cricket bat

Posted by jason mellet on 29th Sep 2014

GM Original L.E cricket bat

The GM Original L.E is the finest range of bats that is produced by Gunn & Moore. L.E obviously means that it is a Limited Edition. Many might be wondering if it is such a wonderful cricket bat then why would GM produce it in a Limited Edition fashion. The answer to this is really simple.

The willow used to create the GM Original LE range of bats is the very best unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow. This willow is so pristine for cricket bat manufacturing and is so immaculately perfect that GM only has a limited quantity of such immensely perfect willow available to them. This in turn means that they can only produce a limited amount of GM cricket bats with the GM Original LE mark of quality on them.

Every single one of the GM Original LE cricket bats will undergo individual testing. This testing is no ordinary test but rather it is a rigorous test to ensure that the bat is of 5 Star Performance quality.

The willow used to create the Original L.E cricket bats is selected not merely for grain structure but also for weight and power to weight distribution.

The handles of these bats are multi-piece cane handle with top quality treble spring. This handle has been researched to ensure the ultimate flex, feel and control for the batsmen.

As standard, these bats are fitted with GM NOW! and ToeTek finish. The GM Original LE series is about as superlative as a cricket bat gets.

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