GM Hypa Cricket Bats 2023 - Complete Review by CSO

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 12th Feb 2023

GM Hypa Cricket Bats 2023 - Complete Review by CSO

The latest addition to the GM cricket bat lineup, the GM Hypa Cricket Bats 2023, is making waves in the cricket world. In this video, Amar shah reviews the latest GM Hypa Cricket bats 2023 in great detail. The main highlights of Amar’s review are mentioned below:

GM Hypa Cricket Bats 2023

The GM Hypa Cricket Bats 2023 will have five models in their 2023 lineup:

Bat Profile and Sweet Spot

The GM Hypa Cricket Bat 2023 has a unique full-face profile that sets it apart from other traditional cricket bats. Made from premium quality English willow, this bat is designed to last and provide maximum performance. The bats have an L555 blade with a clean front face. The profile of the bat is balanced, providing a perfect mix of power and control, making it ideal for all batsmen. The edges are 35mm thick and robust, providing maximum stability and power to shots. The bats also have a spine height of 61mm without concaving. The bats' hybrid duckbill profile helps provide a lighter pickup and stability. GM also improved the toe design on their latest bats, making them thicker and bulkier.

GM Hypa bats have a lower middle sweet spot and lie primarily towards the mid-section of the bat. The bat provides dynamic gameplay for the batsmen enabling them to play fantastic cut and pull shots. The bats also have a little power arc bow, not as much of a bow present in Asian willow bats.

Handle and Pickup

The GM Hypa Cricket Bat 2023 has a massive and robust design with stylish stickering in a bold black color. The cone-shaped semi-oval thick handles and shoulders provide excellent pickup, making it perfect for front foot shots. The handle is thick at the bottom and thinner as you move upwards toward the top of the handle. The handles are 295mm long and are fitted with a pro-lite grip, providing a comfortable and secure grip for batsmen. The grip also has the latest zigzag pattern on them.

The bats weigh around 2.8oz - 2.9oz on average but feel much lighter in the pickup. This allows the batsman to play fantastic drives as well. GM Hypa Limited Edition bat is the lightest among all bats, which Amar reviewed. The bat weighs 2.6oz, which is perfect for someone looking for a lightweight cricket bat with a complete profile.

Performance and Ping

The GM Hypa Cricket Bat 2023 is designed to help batsmen improve their gameplay. The full-face profile, combined with the thick edges and semi-oval handles, provides a perfect balance of power and control. Amar checked the ping on the bats with a brand-new ball. The ping has a solid punch, showing the fantastic quality of double-pressed premium English willow. The ball takes off as soon as it touches the bat’s surface.

Amar reviewed different GM Hypa bats in this video. The bats have similar profiles as they are all made from the same CNC machine, and hand finishes are added later. The only difference between traditional Hypa bats and Original player bats is the more significant grain count on the Original player bats. Original player bats have a bulkier profile and clean front face than other bat models. Limited Edition Hypa 2023 weighs about 2.6oz. The rest, from performance to build quality, is almost identical.

GM Hypa Cricket Bats 2023 is an excellent choice for batsmen looking to improve their gameplay. With its unique face profile, robust design, and premium English willow, this bat will surely provide a memorable cricketing experience.


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