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Spartan Cricket Bats- Exciting and Innovative Cricket Bats

Like the players that use Spartan cricket bats, there is something exciting and innovative about every Spartan cricket bat. If you want to be the hub of cricket bat excitement and innovation on your cricket team then a Spartan cricket bat is made for you.

Spartan Cricket Bats- Special Through and Through

From the moment Spartan cricket bats were first seen in the hands of then Australian cricket captain, it was quite obvious that there was something very special about these cricket bats. Spartan almost single handedly revived the square toe look. But this was more than just a look, by investing a considerable amount of money, the square toe was effective in creating a bat face with superb power all over.

It is this superb power that is in the hands of every single cricketer who walks out to bat with a Spartan Cricket Batting Weapon.

Spartan have also injected a lot into the customized cricket bat market by being able to deliver on designs that are customized to provide maximum power to big hitters.

The Spartan Cricket Bat Ranges

Spartan Cricket Bat ranges usually reflect the specifications used by the superstars that professionally use Spartan Cricket Bats.

There is the:

Spartan Chris Gayle Cricket Bat

These cricket bats are obviously made to the specifications of possibly the best T20 cricket batsman in the world, Chris Gayle. With their eye on constant and consistent innovation, Spartan even produced a gold colored cricket bat for the great West Indian.

There is also the:

Spartan MC Cricket Bats

This fantastic range of cricket bats is part of the original range of bats that were made to the specifications of then Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke.

Spartan MSD Cricket Bats

If you are looking for a cricket bat with as much swagger and cool, calm and collective greatness as India’s most successful captain then Spartan Mahendra Singh Dhoni cricket bats are a great option. Once again with innovative swell positions and sweet spots to provide power for shots like the helicopter.

Spartan- Great Cricket Bats But Way More than That

Spartan is the brain child and managed by Kunal Sharma. Although Spartan produce incredible cricket bats and many other great pieces of sporting equipment, the vision goes far beyond that. By linking up with great ambassadors like Sachin Tendulkar, Wasim Akram and Viv Richard to name just three, Spartan aims to spread a message of active lifestyle and positive influence. Spartan has given a lot of money to this endeavor too. It is great to know that when you a buy a Spartan cricket bat, not only are you using one of the best cricket bats on the market but you are also buying into the longevity of the game of cricket and active lifestyle.

Spartan CG Cricket Bats ( Chris Gayle )

Spartan MC Cricket Bats ( Michael Clarke )

Spartan MSD Cricket Bats ( Mahendra Singh Dhoni )

Spartan MP Cricket Bats ( Matt prior )

Spartan MJ Cricket Bats ( Mitchell Johnson )

Spartan SVR Cricket Bats ( Sir Viv Richards )

Spartan ST Cricket Bats ( Sachin Tendulkar )

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