The Cricket Store Online #ShoeOfTheYear2015 is...

Posted by jason mellet on 2nd Jul 2015

The Cricket Store Online #ShoeOfTheYear2015 is...

The brand that has probably made the most waves this season with their product line up has been New Balance. They currently are the bat of choice by the best batsman in the Test world, Steve Smith and are being used by many other fantastic cricketers. But as you would expect from New Balance, it is in the footwear department that they have really excelled. This is why the New Balance CK4020 Cricket Shoes are our choice for cricket product of the year in the footwear category. This was not without stiff competition as Kookaburra put out a very strong range of cricket shoes that complimented the overall depth that there was to the Kookaburra 2015 range.

The stiffest competition for the New Balance CK4020 shoes probably came from the other New Balance shoes produced for 2015, Namely the New Balance 10 Minimus and the New Balance 4040.

The New Balance 4020 shoes deliver extreme comfort to all three codes of cricketers, batsmen, bowlers and fielders. They are built for extreme ankle support and support for the rest of the foot. Not only that but the New Balance 4020 are an extremely durable pair of cricket shoes. Cricket shoes, particularly for the bowlers take a pounding and the New Balance 4020 cricket shoes are really built to tolerate that kind of a beating. A lot of thought has gone into the New Balance 4020 cricket shoes. For example, the multi-purpose rubber outsole is great for any type of pitch even the very hard and abrasive ones like turf and matting. Moreover they come with a toe-tip that gives added durability to the shoe in the place where the bowler would normally drag it.

This complete package along with extreme customer satisfaction us what makes it a cricket product of the year.

Aesthetically, the shoes look very classy but very modern and slick. A synthetic/mesh upper is what delivers support while still giving adequate ventilation. Comfort is a huge factor and the New Balance CK4020 check that box, with the ACTEVA LIFE midsole, a unique midsole that keeps feet very well supported but still with a very lightweight cushion.

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