Strange Cricket Pads - Part 1 in series.

Posted by jason mellet on 29th Jul 2014

Strange Cricket Pads - Part 1 in series.

Strange Cricket Pads - Part 1 in series.


The Moonwalkr Batting pads is the typical piece of equipment that is picked up, examined from side to side, chuckled at and then returned to where it came from. But there is nothing unusual about this piece of protective gear, rather, extraordinary.

Strange Cricket Pads - Part 1 in series

What most players look for in pads is protection, durability, and weight. The added element that the Moonwalkr offers is that of speed. The Moonwalkr pads do not slam into the wind like regular shaped pads but because they are curved even before application they are able to let the wind glide off them therefore turning ones into twos.

The double strap as apposed to the familiar triple strap adds comfort while the ballistic material aids genuine protection. The inner stitching allows batsmen to breathe freely without feeling the build up of sweat.

Strange Cricket Pads - Part 1 in series

These phenomenal pads have dual purposes. They are not only batting pads but can be used for wicket-keeping too. This in essence makes kit bags lighter and 'keepers more nimble in the field.

These pads have been endorsed by legends such as Sachin Tendulkar as well as Rahul Dravid and have helped players like Cheteshwar Pujara gained speed after devastating injuries.

For the young cricketer, these are perfect to help get the feet moving and being certain on runs. For the more experienced, these will be a delightful change and the difference will be seen from the first experience.

My honest opinion is that Aero cricket went down this road before and the pads failed horribly. Like the blog says we are help hostage by the big manufacturers and people who only want to use GN or GM for example. I will follow closely what happens with this company and keep you guys updated.

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