SS DK Finisher Cricket Bats 2023 Range - Complete Summary Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 25th Mar 2023

SS DK Finisher Cricket Bats 2023 Range - Complete Summary Review

In this video, Amar Shah reviews the latest cricket bats from SS, “SS DK Finisher 2023”. Each bat model in this series has been carefully handpicked by Jatin Sarin to ensure exceptional quality and performance for customers of Cricket Store online. During the video, Amar goes through the various features of each bat model, providing viewers with an up-close look at what makes these bats stand out from the competition. Here are some highlights of Amar’s review!

SS DK Finisher 3 Cricket Bat 2023

The SS DK Finisher 3 cricket bat 2023 is crafted from Grade 4 English willow having amazing strength and durability. The front face of the bat has some slight blemishes which don’t affect its performance slightly. These blemishes are why it's classified as a Grade 4 cricket bat. With a low sweet spot, this bat offers the power needed to hit those big shots, making it a favorite of finishers. The slim, round handle provides excellent balance, and the broad toes offer a larger surface area for precisely hitting the ball. Adding an extra grip to the handle is recommended by Amar for enhanced support while playing shots. The bat weighs around 2.8 lb and has 8 nice straight grains.

Amar tested the SS DK Finisher 3 by checking its ping with a brand-new pink ball. The results were impressive, as the bat delivered a strong and satisfying ping. For players seeking a high-quality bat with excellent performance, the SS DK Finisher 3 is definitely worth considering.

SS DK Finisher 2 Cricket Bat 2023

The SS DK Finisher 2.0 cricket bat for 2023 is an excellent option for players who prefer a slightly lighter bat. Made from Grade 3 willow, this bat weighs in at 2.7, making it easy to wield. The bat features Finisher branding in a striking red color that adds to its stylish appearance. The slim round handle of the bat provides great balance, while its full profile is perfect for lofted shots. Adding an extra grip can improve the bat's pickup, ensuring that players have better control. The evenly balanced weight distribution of the bat also makes it easier to control, while the thick toe adds to its durability.

After testing the SS DK Finisher 2.0 cricket bat with a pink ball, Amar was impressed with the ping. The bat's high-quality willow and excellent craftsmanship were evident in the impressive ping it produced. It is a testament to the bat's durability and strength, making it an excellent choice for any player seeking a high-quality cricket bat.

SS Vintage Finisher 1 Cricket Bat 2023

SS Vintage Finisher 1 cricket bat 2023 is made from Grade 2 English willow featuring the Finisher branding in an amazing light blue color combination. Despite some minor blemishes, this bat offers excellent performance due to its low sweet spot that allows players to effortlessly scoop yorkers with precision. The SS Vintage Finisher 1 cricket bat features a slim and round handle that offers superior balance to players. The bat's 40 mm edges add an extra power boost to shots, allowing for harder hits and longer distances. With a weight of around 2.8 lb and 10-11 straight grains, this bat promises consistent performance. Adding an extra grip on the handle can significantly enhance the pickup of these bats.

Amar was greatly impressed by the ping on the bat after he checked it with a pink ball. The ball takes off as soon as it comes in contact with the bat’s surface showing its superior quality and performance.

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