SG Sunny Gold Classic LE Cricket Bat 2022- Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 25th Oct 2022

SG Sunny Gold Classic LE Cricket Bat 2022- Review

In this video, Amar Shah from CricMax reviews the latest limited edition bat from SG, “ SG Gold Classic LE.” Dipesh personally picks up the bats during his recent tour of the SG factory in India. So, you can rest assured of their quality and performance. Amar reviews two SG Sunny Gold Classics in this video. Their main features are mentioned below!

SG Sunny Gold Classic LE Cricket bat 2022

SG Sunny Gold Classic LE bats come with full-length padded bat covers and adjustable straps. The bats are made up of premium quality Grade 1+ English willow. The bats are a bit expensive because of the rare quality willow used in their making. The front face of the bat is immaculate and spotless, having 11 to 12 straight and even dark grains. The bats are traditional SG profiles with no concave in them. The shoulder and edges are thick and bulky.

Handle and Weight

The bat weighs around 2.10lbs, but the weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire bat. The thick round handle having a superior grip provides optimum control of your bat while playing.

Sweet Spot and Ping

The bats have a mid to low sweet spot on them. A large amount of willow is present in the sweet spot allowing the batsman to play fantastic drives and lofted sixes easily. Amar checked the ping on SG Sunny Gold Classics with a brand-new white ball. The ping is extremely consistent and smooth on the entire bat while sounding sweet at the bottom.


Amar reviewed two SG Gold Classics in this video which is almost identical to each other. They differ in their grain count, which doesn't affect their performance. You can buy SG Sunny Gold Classics at our Store!


For a complete expert review, watch the video below!