MRF Legend VK 18 1.0 Cricket Bat - Full Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 1st Mar 2023

MRF Legend VK 18 1.0 Cricket Bat - Full Review

In his latest video, Amar Shah thoroughly reviews the most recent addition to MRF cricket bats, "MRF Legend VK 18 1.0 cricket bat 2023.". His extensive review provides valuable information on each bat's unique features and advantages, making it an invaluable resource for cricket enthusiasts. Here are some key takeaways from Amar's review that can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a cricket bat.

MRF Legend VK 18 1.0 Cricket Bats 2023

The MRF VK 18 1.0 cricket bat has a traditional look with a modern twist. It has a sleek design with a black and orange color scheme, making you stand out on the field.

Profile and Sweet Spot

The MRF VK 18 1.0 cricket bat is made from Grade 3 English willow, containing some blemishes. Upon seeing the bat's profile, Amar's initial impression was that it closely resembled an SS cricket bat. The bats are full-profile cricket bats with a mid-low sweet spot.

The bat has a sweet spot that is located slightly towards the bottom of the bat. This makes it easy to play shots along the ground with precision. Although containing some blemishes, the sweet spot on these bats has no blemishes whatsoever.

The higher concentration of the willow in the sweet spot makes MRF VK 18 1.0 a bit bottom-heavy. However, these bats' full spine and thick edges provide great pickup and balance while playing powerful shots.

Handle and Bat Pickup

The MRF VK 18 1.0 cricket bat handle is made from high-quality cane. The bats mostly have medium to slim round handles but also come in the semi-oval handle, which makes them easy to grip and provides excellent control. The bat weighs around 1170g - 1196g but feels much lighter in the pickup after adding another grip on them which Amar recommends.

Ping and Grain Count

Amar checked the ping on all MRF VK 18 1.0 bats with a brand-new white ball. The ping is highly consistent throughout the entire bat’s surface. These bats have 7 - 14 grains, which is a lot considering the Grade 3 English willow in them. The MRF VK 18 1.0 cricket bat is exceptional in terms of performance.

Amar reviews 5 MRF VK 18 1.0 cricket bats in this video. All bats have the same profile and build but differ slightly in their grain count and weight, which doesn't affect their performance by large. With its Grade 3 English willow and excellent profile, this bat is sure to help you score runs and make an impact on the field.

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