MRF Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket bats 2023- Complete Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 1st Mar 2023

MRF Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket bats 2023- Complete Review

In this video, Amar Shah reviews the latest MRF bats,” MRF Grand Edition 2.0 cricket bats 2023.” Amar explains a little bit about the profile of this year’s MRF bats. He mentions that MRF added a lot of aperture in their latest bats as many prefer bats with thick edges and shoulders.

MRF Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket bats 2023

MRF Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket bats for 2023 is the latest release from MRF. MRF uses advanced technology and improved design philosophy to make its bats meet the demands of modern-day cricket. The bats are made from premium quality Grade 2 English willow but perform fantastically. They have been downgraded due to some blemishes in the willow. But don't let that fool you, as these bats still have excellent profiles and durability.


MRF Grand Edition 2.0 are full-profile cricket bats with the same profile as Virat Kohli's Original player bat. They are known for their superb balance, exceptional pickup, and power, making them an ideal choice for players with dynamic playing styles. Some of these bats are hard-pressed, but because of Grade 2 English willow, they still have nice and bulky edges. The hard pressing of the willow ensures that the ball travels a reasonable distance off the bat, allowing the batsmen to play at their absolute best. The bats have thick bottoms, which is an excellent feature for players who prefer to play off the back foot. However, the toe doesn't come with a toe guard, so make sure to use the “add an additional toe guard” service on our site to improve your experience.

Handle and Pickup

MRF Grand Edition 2.0 cricket bats 2023 have a semi-oval medium to slim handle on them. Amar mentions the need for an extra grip as it will drastically enhance the pickup on the bat. The grip will shift the weight towards the top of the bat, improving the overall balance of the bat while playing. The bats weigh around 1170g - 1200g on average. However, the pickup is way lighter because of its amazing profile and design.

Grain Count and ping

Amar counted the grains on the bats. The grain count on these bats is 8 - 11 straight and equidistant grains, which is a testament to the quality of the English willow used in their construction. Amar checked the ping on these bats with a new white ball. The bats ping phenomenally for a Grade 2 English willow cricket bat. The ping and the grain count ensure that the bats are not only high-performing but also durable enough to withstand the rigors of the game.

Amar reviews 5 MRF Grand Edition 2.0 cricket bats 2023 in this video. All bats have the same profile and build but differ slightly in their grain count and weight, which doesn't affect their performance significantly. MRF Grand Edition 2.0 cricket bats are a fantastic choice for any player looking for a durable bat with an excellent pickup. With their fantastic design and consistent profile, these Grand Edition 2.0s will surely help batters score big on the ground.

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