Kookaburra Beast Pro Cricket Bat 2022- Complete Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 13th Aug 2022

Kookaburra Beast Pro Cricket Bat 2022- Complete Profile Review

In this video, Amar Shah from Cricket Store Online presents a fantastic review on Kookaburra Beast Pro Cricket Bats 2022. Kookaburra beast lineup became famous last year for its light pickup. This year kookaburra is again available in Beast Pro Version with even better aesthetics and performance.

Kookaburra Beast Pro Cricket Bat 2022

Here is a review of Kookaburra Beast Pro by Amar from CricMax.

Handle and Profile

These bats have oval handles with a silicon grip, making them easier to swing. They have a spine height of around 63mm with an edge size of approximately 36mm. These bats have a nice slanted toe with the toe guard applied by kookaburra. All these bats have mid to low profile which makes them an ideal choice for most of cricketers because they offer a balance of aggressive hitting and strokes.

Design and Quality

The close-up view of the bats shows the refined aesthetic appearance of the bats. Kookaburra Beast Pro cricket bats 2022 are made with a soft English willow providing optimum performance from the beginning. Amar showed stickers' texture and beautiful design, making the kookaburra Beast Pro unique and aesthetically pleasing. These bats have straight and clean grains which give them a distinctive look.

Pickup and Dead Weight

All these bats have a very light pickup because of the thick handle equipped with the silicon grip. The bats weigh around 2lb 8oz - 2lb 9oz but feel much lighter while playing. These mid-profile bats with rounded camber made with Grade 1 English willow allow them to produce a magical ping. These bats are also traditionally pressed, making them more durable.

Amar unboxes 6 bats in this video. All these bats have the same build quality, weight, and length but differ in their number of grains. These bats have 8 to 12 grains on them, but they are all the same performance-wise. The difference in willow grains is only due to wood from different trees.


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Watch the video below for a complete review of Kookaburra Beast Pro 2022!