Posted by jason mellet on 10th Sep 2014



Sports is at the forefront of raising funds for various charity causes. Cricketstoreonline is no different and we are going to bat in a very big way to help fund a unique organization that fights Alzheimers.

Cricket fans who have old unwanted cricket bats are able to send their cricket bats into cricketstoreonline.com and 100% of the sale will be given to ALZ.ORG, an organization at the forefront of fighting Alzheimers.

It is cricketstoreonline's small contribution to fighting a disease that grips and pains millions of families across the world. The #icebucketchallenge was a small reminder as to how a group force can contribute greatly to raising awareness for a disease. Hashtag this unique initiative with #batforalzheimers and we can make a considerable donation to the benefit of these millions of families and mankind in the future.

Players who have old cricket bats are encouraged to send their unwanted cricket bats to :

Bat For Alzheimers

2297 Prospect Drive





While donors will be responsible for the shipping, you can rest assured that the sale of an unwanted cricket bat will fund a very noble and important cause.

There is no easier way to make a charitable donation to one of the most important causes in the world.

You never know, the bat you send may fund a research that will one day save you from this monster of a disease. Before shipping your bat off to us take a picture of it and post it to social media ( instagram, twitter or Facebook ) and use the Hashtag #BATFORALZHEIMERS.

Here is a picture of Cricket Store Online CEO at a recent #ALZwalk to help bring more awareness to Alzheimers disease. In recent years Jason's Mother in law died of this horrible disease and its very close to his and his families heart.


Thanks you for taking the time to read this. Please help.