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Warranties & claim

Warranty Claims

At the discretion of Cricket store online we offer a limited warranty against any fault of manufacture or defective materials for a period of 30 days.

Should you believe a warranty claim to be necessary, the product must be returned to us for inspection. Proof of purchase is required to be provided for any claim to be valid.

The warranty period does NOT include the following;

  • misuse
  • insufficient knocking in and preparation prior to use ( bats )
  • superficial cracking
  • damaged edges or toe, or excessive use
  • Labor
In the case of replacement product, the remaining warranty period on the existing product only will be carried onto the replacement bat.


Bats used against bowling machines are not returnable as these especially damage cricket bats.

 Warranty on Cricket Bats :

-International grade/players quality (LE and above) – 6 months from date of purchase.

-5 Star/grade 1 bats (deemed by manufacturer) 6 months

-4 Star bats -4 months

-3 Star bats and below – 2 months

- Kashmir Willow bats - 7 days (Not covered if used by leather ball)

 Warranty only covers if bat is defective based on manufacturers claim. If a handle is broken within that time, the bat is repaired FOC. No warranty on edges or toe on any bat. Warranty basically covers for internal stress cracks which are not visible.

Things we do cover :

Broken handles

Loose handles

Storm Damage. Learn More.


Cricket Balls.

Cricket ball manufacturers in Pakistan and India offer zero warranty on cricket balls therefore we cannot offer you any warranty either. As its the nature of the game where you hit the leather off the ball ( literally sometimes ) your cricket ball will break from wear and tear eventually. Cheaper balls will detriorate quicker than expensive ones. My recommendation is purchase ONLY high quality expensive balls for best results from reputable manufacturers.

Cricket equipment / padding

Limited warranty on manufacturing defect carried by the indivual brands and defective product inspected by the individual brands

In all cases shipping and labor is NOT covered. eg. if a bat handle breaks we will replace the handle for free BUT there is a $75 labor charge and you will need to pay for shipping as well.

Please email all claims to cs@cricketstoreonline.com

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