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Slazenger Cricket Bats

Slazenger Cricket Bats

It is certainly one of the most iconic images on the face or back of any cricket bat, the pouncing panther on the Slazenger Cricket Bat. Some of the greats of the game have used these premier English Willow cricket bats. One can think back to the swagger of Viv Richards and his Slazenger cricket bat or the effortless stroke play of Mark Waugh and his Slazenger cricket bat.

More recently, one of the most prolific batsmen in the game and perhaps the best all-rounder to the play the game, Jaques Kallis used a Slazenger cricket bat.

The Slazenger range of cricket bats is currently used by English cricketers, Jason Roy, Adil Rashid and James Anderson.

For 2017, Slazenger have really upped their game and introduced a range of high quality English Willow cricket bats that are sure to find favor in the eyes of many different cricketers.

Here is a look at the range of Slazenger cricket bats that are available.

Slazenger V100 Cricket Bat

The V100 Cricket Bat is to Slazenger what the Kahuna would be to Kookaburra. It is an iconic cricket bat that has been brought up to speed with all the latest modern day bat making techniques but still has all the traditional elements. The V100 is a cricket bat for the purists.

Slazenger V12 Cricket Bats

Slazenger V1000 Cricket Bats

This bat has an incredibly light pick-up and huge amounts of power. This bat is hugely popular in women’s cricket for this exact reason.

Slazenger V800 Cricket Bats

Slazenger V6 Cricket Bats

Slazenger V5 Cricket Bats

Slazenger VXR Cricket Bats

Best Cricket Bats for Juniors

Slazenger also makes a host of supremely good cricket bats for juniors. These are smaller in size but contain all the wonderful cricket bat craftsmanship that go into the making of regular senior sized Slazenger cricket bats.

History of Slazenger

The company was found in 1888 by two brothers Ralph and Albert Slazenger, the brothers very early on had representatives who were selling their high quality equipment for many different sports internationally.

Slazenger is of course the tennis ball of choice at Wimbledon. This was begun in the year 1902. 100 years later in the year 2002, Slazenger cricket bats were being used by Australian Michael Clarke and then English One Day International captain Paul Collingwood.

The fact that Slazenger sporting equipment is used in such a wide array of sports is testament to the fact that there is high quality in every sporting product that they make and the same definitely rings true for their cricket bats.

On the cricket side of things, soon after opening a factory in Australia, the greatest batsman of all time, Sir Donald Bradman signed a contract to use a Slazenger made bat.

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