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Gunn & Moore Argon Cricket Bat Review

Hey everyone, just reviewing the Gunn & Moore Argon cricket bat . We have here the 808 model to review today. The bat is made out of English willow, and this particular bat has about 10 grains. The handle you will see on this bat is a bit smaller and slightly ovaled in shape. The profile on the back of the bat is slightly concaved going up to the spine. The edge size you will have is about 35mm and a rounded face with a subtle bow. This top cricket bat also has a tapered toe, which will help make the cricket bat last a bit longer. The weight range for the GM Argon cricket bat is anwhere from about 2.8 to 2.13. Only downside I can see is that the handle on the bat seems a bit thinner than older models. So, I do suggest if you are used to older models that you may want to add an extra grip on there. Otherwise, the bat is top notch, great ping. You can check them out some more on the website. 

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