Cork vs Rubber inserts in cricket bat handles

24th Feb 2012

Cork vs Rubber inserts in cricket bat handles

Hey guys , just been having a discussion with DBacon over at GM about cricket bat handles. ( how was that for a name drop hey? )

and it dawned on me that im not as smart as i think. ( i know many of you know this already, please keep the comments to yourself).

I thought rubber inserts in handles were better for vibrational resistance. the reason i bring this up is he said to me the GM 808 and above bats have 3 cork inserts in their handles and the 707 and below have rubber inserts.

Just thought i would get your opinions on this and your opinions on some other handles like the new Lekka Xtrax handle and the wavex handle.

Also what do the small guys use in their handles ( safbats, TLB, Itias, H4L, Bcat, Keeley ) etc, cork or rubber?