Willow Grading - The GM Original cricket bat.

Posted by jason mellet on 30th Sep 2014

Willow Grading - The GM Original cricket bat.

Willow Grading - The GM Original cricket bat.

Like the Original L.E GM cricket bats, the GM Original cricket bat is produced using superior Grade 1 seasoned and unbleached English Willow.

Where the Original range differs from the Original L.E range of cricket bats is that the bat has predominantly straight grained willows but these willows do have a hint of color and there is the possibility of minor cosmetic blemishes. Make no mistake, the minor cosmetic blemishes in a Grade 1 English Willow cricket bat still put it a notch above any cricket bat made with Grade 2 English Willow.

The flex, feel and control of the Original GM cricket bat range is due to the top quality treble spring multi-piece can handle. The cane is of the highest quality and it translates into a superb batting experience.

As a standard the Original bats come fitted with GM NOW! and ToeTek to ensure that the finish on the bat give the bat optimal durability.

Aside from the Original L.E, there is scantly a cricket bat as pristine as the GM Original Series of Cricket Bats.

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