Why You Should Buy From Cricket Store Online

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 29th Jan 2018

Why You Should Buy From Cricket Store Online

The following question often comes up in your mind.

I see that you are selling cricket bats but the comparative prices that I am finding on sites like eBay and Amazon are better than what you are offering, so why should I simply not go and buy the cricket bat from those sites?

The answer to this question is not generic to cricket bats but it is generic to buying gear that is counterfeited often.

Authentic Cricket Bats

Unless you are an expert in willow and cricket bats, it is very difficult to tell what is an authentic cricket bat from a brand manufacturer and what is an improvised knock-off. Cricket bats have come along way in stamping out counterfeited cricket bats but to the amateur buyer, a bat with the brand name sticker will easily be mistaken for a cricket bat manufactured by that brand.

At Cricket Store Online, we source the cricket bats by hand at the factories. Yes, we travel to factories in India and UK to ensure that the cricket bat and cricket brand that you are paying for is the cricket bat that you are getting. Cricket bats of inferior quality will show signs of wear and breakage early on and this is another reason why you want to make sure that you are buying an authentic cricket bat from a trusted and reliable seller like Cricket Store Online.

The Cricket Bat Price Is Right?

Big cricket equipment sellers like Cricket Store Online will have great sales on some of the best bats in the world but the general rule is, if the price on an extremely high-quality cricket bat is too good to be true, that is exactly it, it is not generally true. There could very well be a great deal on somebody selling their bat but in general, bats will sell in their range of willow class and prices marked way below what bats in that willow class should be tread circumspectly. This is another reason to use a trusted seller of cricket bats like Cricket Store Online.

Storage of Cricket Bats

Cricket Bats need to be properly stored and cared for to maintain their quality. Bats are kept in certain temperature all over the time to maintain the quality. Unvetted sellers will often have a product that has been sitting around and therefore the willow is very dry. This would be very hard to assess over an eBay or Amazon description. This is yet another advantage of relying on the high-quality care and expertise that goes along with the sale of every cricket bat from Cricket Store Online.