Which Cricket Equipment does Hardik Pandya use for International and IPL matches?

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 14th May 2023

Which Cricket Equipment does Hardik Pandya use for International and IPL matches?

Hardik Pandya, the explosive power hitter of the Indian cricket team, relies on top-of-the-line equipment to dominate the game. From his trusted SG Hardik Pandya Original Player Cricket Bat to his protective gear, including the SG Pro Cricket Batting Pads, SG HP-33 Batting Gloves, Shrey Koroid Titanium Cricket Helmet, and SG Sierra 2.0 Cricket Sports Shoes, each piece is carefully selected to enhance his performance. With his exceptional batting skills and remarkable athleticism, Pandya has become a crucial asset for the Indian cricket team, contributing to their success across all formats of the game.

Pandya's international career has been nothing short of spectacular. Known for his ability to score quick runs and strike fear into bowlers, he consistently showcases his versatility and match-winning abilities. As a dynamic all-rounder, Pandya brings a sense of confidence and balance to the team. His powerful hitting, clever variations in bowling, and athletic fielding make him a force to be reckoned with on the field. With his consistent performances and match-winning contributions, he has established himself as a vital cog in the Indian cricket team's success and continues to inspire aspiring cricketers nationwide.

SG Hardik Pandya Original Player Cricket Bat

When it comes to his bat, Hardik Pandya chooses the SG Hardik Pandya Original Player Cricket Bat. Crafted specifically for him, this bat offers exceptional power, balance, and control. Made from premium English willow, it features a large sweet spot and thick edges, enabling Pandya to unleash his signature explosive shots with ease. The bat is custom-made to meet the requirements of international players, and its selection involves meticulous handpicking at the factory to ensure top-notch quality.

One glance at the bat reveals the 8-12 straight grains, a testament to the exceptional quality of the willow. It's not just about the materials, though. The SG Hardik Pandya Original Player Cricket Bat is designed with the player in mind. The Singapore cane handle boasts a unique 3-way insertion of cork between the splits, ensuring unmatched flexibility and shock absorption. This feature grants Pandya the freedom to unleash his explosive shots without compromising on control. The traditional round cane handle of the bat is a true game-changer. It provides Pandya with an unwavering grip, giving him complete command over the bat's trajectory and swing.

But it's not just about performance. The SG Hardik Pandya Original Player Cricket Bat is a work of art. Its sleek flat toe and optimal weight of 1130-1180 grams (2.8-2.10 lbs) add to its aesthetic appeal, while also enhancing the bat's responsiveness.With the SG Hardik Pandya Original Player Cricket Bat in his hands, Pandya personifies power, precision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence on the cricket field.

Protecting with Confidence: SG Pro Cricket Batting Pads

The SG Pro Cricket Batting Pads are designed to protect Hardik Pandya's legs while maintaining his agility on the cricket field. The modern molded minimalistic design offers a perfect balance between lightweight construction and superior shielding. The high-density sponge-filled bolster and extra shin protection with a broad foam-filled center strip absorb impact and ensure Pandya's safety against fast-paced deliveries. With the PVC instep and wear-resistant, long-lasting piping, these pads provide durability, making them a reliable choice for intense matches. The Velcro straps and ultralite P.U. leg guard offer a comfortable fit, allowing Pandya to move freely, enhancing his focus and confidence at the crease.

The SG Pro Cricket Batting Pads also feature premium quality imported polyurethane facing, cotton-filled knee rolls with a layer of high-density foam reinforcement, high-density sponge-filled vertical bolster with TPU insert for knee protection, and extra high-density foam filled in side wings. The mesh instep with hard-wearing piping and extra butterfly straps ensure a snug fit, while the padded strap and added protection on top hat provide additional comfort and protection. With these advanced features, the SG Pro Cricket Batting Pads provide ultimate protection and comfort to players, giving them the confidence to play their best game.

Secure Grip, Unleashed Power: SG HP-33 Batting Gloves