Whats happening to Slazenger? - Cricket Store Online

Posted by jason mellet on 22nd Jan 2015

Whats happening to Slazenger? - Cricket Store Online

You do not have to be a marketing expert to work out that the number one way to advertise your cricket bats is to have the world's top players using them on the biggest stage. Millions of television viewers are exposed to the makers name of the cricket bat, each time the batsman strides to the wicket.

There is barely another sport, possibly tennis where the manufacturer of the equipment gets as much screen time as cricket equipment manufacturers.

One of the companies that has excelled in recent times at signing the big name players is Spartan Cricket. Many may have noticed that they have now snagged yet another huge name cricketer, Eoin Morgan. The new England, One Day International captain has finished his contract with Slazenger and has now moved over to Spartan.

He is not the first to move from Slazeneger. In what would be a worrying trend for Slazenger, they seem to be losing a lot of ground to the Spartan brand of cricket equipment and the ever growing New Balance brand of cricket bat. Former England wicket-keeper Matt Prior was another that moved from Slazenger to Spartan. And lest we forget that one of the first huge marketing acts of Spartan Sports was to snag the Australian captain, Michael Clarke who was also a Slazenger user. It seems that Slazenger is losing some ground when it comes to the big name players, Jacques Kallis who was a Slazenger user has off course retired. Dale Steyn and Steve Smith were another two users of Slazenger cricket bats that have now become proponents of the New Balanace brand of cricket bats and equipment that is growing hugely in popularity.

Some of the other big name cricketers to use Spartan are the likes of MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle and Mitchell Johnson.